Egypt : First Middle East Regional Air Navigation Meeting


Issue date: 01/10/1946




Handley Page H.P.42 of Imperial Airways over the three pyramids at Giza.

The  overprint  in  Arabic  reads  as  follows:  “The International  Air  Navigation  Conference  for  the Middle East”; overprinted text in French and Arabic: ”Le Caire 1946”.


Multiple Crown and Arabic “F” in watermark standing for Fuad, King of Egypt and Sudan.



Inverted overprint. Only one sheet was printed with inverted overprint.


Double overprint. Only one sheet was printed with double overprint.


Variety: Off-centre overprint


The ink pierced the paper.


Missing tail at digit 4 (upper-left stamp), and 1943 instead of 1946 (upper-right stamp).


Marginal inscriptions: double



Background: This is the only stamp issued during the lifetime of PICAO, the Provisional International Civil Aviation Organization.

The first Middle East Air Navigation Meeting (MERAN Meeting) of PICAO was convened on 1 October 1946 at the Heliopolis Palace Hotel and concluded on 18 October 1946; it was attended by 150 delegates and advisers, representing 15 States and 5 international organizations. The commemoration of this event with a special postage stamp was a justifiable move; however, the Postal Authorities did not have sufficient time to design, engrave and print an appropriate and fitting stamp. Therefore, King Farouk, an avid stamp and coin collector, ordered that Egypt's most popular airmail stamp be overprinted to commemorate the historic event. Accordingly, supplies from the existing stock of the 30-millième deep green stamp (issued on 18 March 1941) were overprinted. Stamps with double or inverted overprints are extremely scarce, as only one sheet was printed for each.

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