Dominican Republic : Third Caribbean Regional Air Navigation Conference


Issue date: 06/04/1956



Punta Caucedo Airport, under construction at the time of the meeting.

In 1955, Dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo ordered the construction of an airport in the peninsula of Punta Caucedo, 23 kilometres east of the city on the south-eastern coastline. Construction began in 1956 (at the time of the meeting) and the new airport entered into service in 1958, although it was formally inaugurated in November 1959.







The ink has pierced the paper, which could have been of lower quality. Or the ink (not dry) of a page was absorbed in part by the back of the previous page.

Background: The 3rd Caribbean Regional Air Navigation Conference (CAR RAN) was convened by ICAO in the Old Palace of the Senate in Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic, from 3 April to 24 April 1956. The 3rd stamp of this set is Air Mail.

Chronologically in the ICAO stamp collection, this is first appearance of the ICAO logo (as adopted by the 10th Session of the Assembly, held in Caracas in June-July 1956 - Resolution A10-11), but without the acronyms of the Organization. It is some sort of preliminary logo, as the branches of the olive tree are visible between the strips of the lateral wings.

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