Canada : 50th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 16/09/1994



Silhouette of a multi‑engine passenger jet, sur-imposed on a background of key elements of air traffic control (radar screen and map grid), white clouds and blue sky.

The words Organization and Organisation have been omitted in the English and French names of the Organization.

Full sheet of 25 stamps.


Variety: Full sheet of 25 stamps with blank corners (no marginal inscriptions, i.e. selvages on

left and right were cut) for delivery to the local post offices.


VIP Souvenir folder (in form of a triptych) of this issue prepared by Canada Post Corporation.


Front of the triptych: Emblem of Canada Post branded onto the gray velvet cover.


Inside of the triptych.


Background: The Canada Post Corporation (CPC) left much confusion in the actual reason of this issue. Although the stamp vertically indicates International Civil Aviation and L’aviation civile internationale, philatelic notices mention the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which was clearly the intention of the CPC as reported by the local press too.

The first day ceremony (unveiling of the Canadian stamp and opening of ICAO’s three-day stamp exhibition) was held at ICAO’s Sherbrooke Street headquarters on 16 September 1994 at 10h30. See more details on the stamp exhibition by clicking on the following link: Philatelic Exhibition on Aviation (1994).

Note the vertical layout of this stamp (with the value printed horizontally), whereas some early documents from the CPC show this stamp in landscape format.