The 60th anniversary


60th Anniversary specially designed logo

In line with prior anniversary dates, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) celebrated its 60th anniversary on 7 December 2004. No philatelic material was issued to commemorate this anniversary.


In his 2004 message to mark this event, ICAO Council President, Dr. Assad Kotaite, portrayed ICAO’s constitution, the Convention on International Civil Aviation, as the first example of international civil aviation cooperation. He stated that: “the principle of global cooperation among nations of the world is at the heart of the Convention. Through 60 years, global cooperation has coalesced the Contracting States of the organization and the various entities to create and maintain an extraordinary sound and efficient global air transport system.” At the same time, he said that the vision of a globally harmonized environment has kept pace with societal changes over the years by evolving and expanding. 


All worthwhile human endeavours rest on the goodwill of people to join forces in a collaborative effort. ICAO has embodied this principle for more that 60 years.


Poster issued by the Pietersburg International Airport, in the South African province of Limporo. The 7th of December 2003 was the beginning of the 60th anniversary of ICAO.

For 60 Years … Setting the Standards for International Civil Aviation was the theme of the 2003 edition of the International Civil Aviation Day, celebrated annually to mark the creation of ICAO on that day in 1944.