The 50th anniversary


Sticker distributed by ICAO for the 50th anniversary

In a correspondence sent to all Contracting States, the ICAO Secretary General, Philippe Rochat, had invited the various Civil Aviation Authorities to organize programmes of activities to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing in Chicago of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (i.e. 7 December 1994). Among the suggested activities in the attachment to this letter, it was proposed to issue postage stamps.

Further to that, forty-two countries issued stamps and first day covers to commemorate the 50th anniversary, with dates ranging from 1994 to 1995. In addition to that, some countries prepared date cancels, commemorative covers, postal stationery, etc. The following pictures show only a limited portion of the philatelic items released for the 50th anniversary.





Commercial cover sent

from Cotonou, Bιnin

to the Secretary of the ICAO Group for the Preparation of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

Postmarked on 24 May 1994.



Uganda – 14 November 1994

Hand-drawn first day cover with an unusual design of ICAO emblem.

Stamps designs are related to the Entebe International Airport.


Cyprus – 21 November 1994

Maximum card with the chart of the Nicosia Flight Information Region (FIR).



Qatar – 7 December 1994

The word organization should have been spelled with “z” instead of “s”.


French Polynesia – 7 December 1994

Date cancel with slogan


South Africa – 7 December 1994

Date-Stamp card



Nauru – 12 December 1994

Souvenir sheet with the four stamps of the issue.

Monaco – June 1995

Phone card

View of Monaco Heliport