ICAO Plans of Action are developed as a means to assist States with serious safety deficiencies. The plans offer guidance to these States and to assistance providers on prioritizing actions to identify efficient solutions for the improvement of aviation safety in those States.
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AngolaICAO Plan of Action for Angola (Accepted).pdf06/02/201216/02/2012
BahamasICAO Plan of Action for Bahamas (Accepted).pdf30/04/201203/09/2012
BeninPlan-action-OACI-Benin_revision of Dec 2012.pdf19/12/201101/03/201228/12/2012
BotswanaRevised ICAO Plan of Action Botswana  15 Jan 2013.pdf01/03/201227/03/201215/01/2013
BurundiBurundi Plan of Action March 2014 fr rev2.pdf05/06/201416/06/2014
CameroonPlan d'action de l'OACI - Cameroun (Accepted).pdf20/02/201215/03/2012
Central African RepublicPlan d'action de l'OACI - Republique Centrafricaine (Accepted).pdf23/09/201113/03/2012
ComorosRevised ICAO Plan of Action Comoros June 2013.pdf17/12/201122/12/201101/06/2013
CongoPlan d'action de l'OACI - Congo (Accepted).pdf23/02/201212/04/201207/06/2013
Côte d'Ivoire2013-T4-2.1-0507-PLAN-ACTION-SPECIFIQUE-OACI-COTE-IVOIRE.pdf12/07/201315/09/2013
Democratic Republic of the CongoPlan d'action de l'OACI - DR Congo (Accepted).pdf26/09/201102/11/2011
DjiboutiICAO plan of action for Djibouti presented 12 Nov 2012.pdf25/09/201104/12/201112/11/2012
Equatorial GuineaRD-Revised-2013_Plan_d'Action_OACI__GuineeEquato-revise-Final3.pdf12/12/201113/02/201207/03/2013
EritreaRevised ICAO Plan of Action Eritrea May 2013.pdf30/01/201210/02/201228/05/2013
GabonPlan d'action de l'OACI - Gabon (Accepted).pdf21/07/201113/04/2012
GuineaICAO Plan of Action GUINEE-CONAKRY-AVRIL-2013.pdf25/04/201302/05/2013
Guinea-BissauBissau_ plan d'action Revised 18-02-13_RD_Final _26 February 2013.pdf20/02/201308/03/2013
KazakhstanICAO Tailored Plan of Action for Kazakhstan Rev 5-140305a - clean.pdf17/04/201217/04/201227/02/2014
LesothoRevised ICAO Plan of Action Lesotho May 2013.pdf27/02/201201/03/201230/05/2013
LiberiaPlan of Action - Liberia.pdf21/08/201222/10/2012
MadagascarMadagascar Revised  Plan of Action 05 2014.pdf12/01/201213/01/201201/05/2014
MalawiRevised ICAO Plan of Action for Malawi July 2013 - Final.pdf08/03/201212/03/201220/06/2013
MozambiqueICAO Plan of Action for Mozambique (Accepted).pdf12/09/201107/10/2011
RwandaICAO Plan of Action for Rwanda (Accepted).pdf15/09/201106/10/2011
Sao Tome and PrincipeSTP revised plan of action final.pdf01/10/201227/11/201204/06/2013
Sierra LeoneICAO Plan of Action for Sierra Leone (Accepted).pdf11/04/201214/06/2012
SwazilandRevised ICAO Plan of Action Swaziland May 2013.pdf23/02/201224/02/201206/05/2013
ZambiaICAO Plan of Action for Zambia (Accepted).pdf06/07/201121/07/2011