In order to assist States with expediting implementation of Performance-based Navigation (PBN) procedures, ICAO has recognized/endorsed instrument procedure design organizations that meet certain conditions and criteria.


The ICAO recognition/endorsement of an Instrument Procedure Design Organization is simply a statement of support.  It does not constitute an authorization, an approval or a certification of an Organization nor the  procedures it designs.   The State is  solely responsible for approving and authorizing  an Instrument Approach Design Organization as well as the instrument flight procedures it designs for use within the State.


 These conditions and criteria that the organization must meet include:

  • It is authorized by a State to design instrument flight procedures;

  • It has operational procedures published in the authorizing State’s AIP;

  • It has a designated Chief Instrument Flight Procedure Designer;

  • It has qualified and competent designers who have undergone training that is approved/accepted by the authorizing State;

  • It has an effective Quality Management System (QMS), acceptable to the Authorizing State; 

  • It has an effective Safety Management System (SMS),  acceptable to the Authorizing State;

  • It agrees to ICAO’s Standing Rules for Endorsement (click here); and

  • It agrees to pay an administration fee for the ICAO review and processing of the recognition/endorsement.


Organizations that are currently recognized/endorsed by ICAO are:

  • Airways New Zealand

  • ASAP  s.r.o

  • Beijing Transafe Technology and Trade Co., Ltd

  • China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology (CAST)

  • Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) Central-Southern Airport Design & Research Institute

  • GE Aviation

  • Hughes Aerospace

  • Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p. A

  • Shanghai Eastern China Civil Aviation Flight Procedure Design and Research Institute (SECAF)


Interested instrument flight procedure organizations can apply to ICAO for an endorsement by submitting a formal request with written documentation confirming that it meets the conditions and criteria stated above to: