Supporting States & Organizations

Since the creation of the NGAP Task Force in 2009, ICAO has been actively working with various partners to raise awareness regarding NGAP issues and initiatives.  These organizations have been instrumental in promoting NGAP.  ICAO wishes to acknowledge and thank those partners that are actively supporting this important initiative through both human and financial resources.

As announced in the ICAO State Letter AN 12/3-14/43, ICAO has embarked on the second phase of NGAP initiatives. If your organization is interested in supporting ICAO with these activities, please fill out this form and submit to ICAO at
Education / Training Providers
École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC)
Griffith University
Purdue University
Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA)
Western Michigan University
Zurich University of Applied Sciences
SriLankan Aviation College
Civil Aviation Flight University of China
Academia Superior de Ciencias Aeronáuticas
University of South Wales, School of Engineering



Complang Aviation Training Centre, Russia


TELLCAP – Test of English Language Level for Controllers and Pilots


ATHRDC Logo.jpg ​​Air Transportation Human Resource Development Centre of Indonesia
embryriddle.png Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
University of Limerick, Department of Mechanical, Aeronautical and Biomedical Engineering (MABE)
Korea Aerospace University
Turkish Aviation Academy
Image result for Incheon Airport Aviation Academy logo Incheon Airport Aviation Academy
Capital Airports Management Academy.png Capital Airports Management Academy
CANI-lg-W.pngCzech Air Navigation Institute
LOGO PNG.png Aviation Voice
The Professional Aviation Board of Certification (PABC)
The Boeing Company
Nav Canada
Airways New Zealand
European Association of Aviation Psychology
ARSAarsa300.jpg Aeronautical Repair Station Association
​Think Global Flight
​Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore)
Aviation Expo China
logo.png Young African Aviation Professional Association (YAAPA)
dream-soar-lg.png Dreams Soar
CAT_magazine_new_1400.jpg Civil Aviation Training (CAT)
AAB logo.png Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI)
International Foundation For Aviation And Development (IFFAAD)
Royal Aeronautical Society
Logo-ONDA.JPG Office National des Aéroports Morocco
Air Line Pilots Association
Air Trafic and Navigation Services (ATNS)
ANS.pngAir Navigation Services of the Czech Republic
Cataga.jpg​General Aviation Committee of China Air Transportation Association (CATAGA)
IAF Aerospace Dscovery Centre.jpgIrish Aviation Foundation
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