WAFSOPSG-Memo-50.pdf50Disbandment of the World Area Forecast System Operations Group (WAFSOPSG) 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-49.pdf49Update of the follow-up related to the WAFSOPSG/8 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-48.pdf48Follow-up to Conclusion 8/13 — Availability of operational WAFS forecasts for cumulonimbus cloud, icing and turbulence in WMO GRIB2 code form 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-47.pdf47Update of the follow-up related to the WAFSOPSG/8 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-46.pdf46Final report of the WAFSOPSG/8 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-45.pdf45Documentation for the WAFSOPSG/8 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-44.pdf44Summary of WAFC Science Coordination Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-43.pdf43Follow-up of WAFSOPSG Conclusion 7/13 - Training material for the new WAFS gridded global forecasts for CB clouds, icing and turbulence 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-41.pdf41Corrigendum to Appendix B of the WAFSOPSG/7 Report 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-40.pdf40Proposed corrigendum to Appendix B of the WAFSOPSG/7 Report 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-39.pdf39Documentation for the WAFSOPSG/7 Meeting — WAFS Grids Users' Guide 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-38.pdf38Documentation for the WAFSOPSG/7 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-37.pdf37WAFSOPSG/7 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-36.pdf36Change of the public internet address of the WAFSOPSG website 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-35.pdf35Follow-up to WAFSOPSG Conclusion 6/4 and process for obtaining authorized access to SADIS or WIFS 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-34.pdf34Migration of ICAO websites 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-33.pdf33Update of the follow-up related to the WAFSOPSG/6 Meeting; dates for the WAFSOPSG/7 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-32.pdf32Propoasl by IAVWOPSG/6 to amend Annex 3 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-31.pdf31Change of address of the WAFSOPSG website 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-30.pdf30Final report of the WAFSOPSG/6 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-29.pdf29Documentation for the WAFSOPSG/6 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-28.pdf28WAFSOPSG/6 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-27.pdf27Update of the follow-up related to the WAFSOPSG/5 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-26.pdf26Update of the follow-up related to the WAFSOPSG/5 Meeting; dates for the WAFSOPSG/6 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-25.pdf25New WAFSOPSG Secretary 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-24.doc24Final report of the WAFSOPSG/5 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-23.doc23Documentation for the WAFSOPSG/5 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-22.doc22WAFSOPSG/5 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-21.doc21Update of the follow-up related to the WAFSOPSG/4 Meeting; amendment to the "GRIB 2 product description"; revised dats for the WAFSOPSG 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-20.doc20Follow-up action of the WAFSOPSG/4 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-19.doc19Final report of the WAFSOPSG/4 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-18.doc18Documentation for the WAFSOPSG/4 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-17.doc17WAFSOPSG/4 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-16.doc16Follow-up action of the WAFSOPSG/3 Meeting; venue of the WAFSOPSG/4 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-15.doc15Follow-up action of the WAFSOPSG/3 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-14.doc14Final report of WAFSOPSG/3 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-13.doc13Documentation for the WAFSOPSG/3 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-12.doc12WAFSOPSG/3 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-11.wpd11Follow-up action of the WAFSOPSG/2 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-10.wpd10Final report of the WAFSOPSG/2 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-09.wpd9Documentation for the WAFSOPSG/2 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-07.wpd7Proposed change to the dates of the WAFSOPSG/2 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-06.wpd6WAFSOPSG/2 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-05.wpd5Follow-up action of Conclusion 1/22 b) 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-05. Appendix.DOC5Follow-up action of Conclusion 1/22 b) - Appendix 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-03.pdf3Final report of the WAFSOPSG/1 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-02.wpd2Participation in the WAFSOPSG/1 Meeting 
WAFSOPSG-Memo-01.wpd1WAFSOPSG/1 Meeting