ICAOSSP M01 Introduction (R05) (EP).pptICAO SSP Module 01 - Introduction to SSP implementation courseEnglish
ICAOSSP M02  Basic (R05) (EP).pptICAO SSP Module 02 - SSP basic safety conceptsEnglish
ICAOSSP M03 SARPs (R05) (EP).pptICAO SSP Module 03 - ICAO SARPs related to the SSPEnglish
ICAOSSP M04 Framework (R05) (EP).pptICAO SSP Module 04 - ICAO SSP frameworkEnglish
ICAOSSP M05 ALoS (R05) (EP).pptICAO SSP Module 05 - State acceptable level of safety (ALoS)English
ICAOSSP M06 Prescription (R05) (EP).pptICAO SSP Module 06 - Performance-based regulationsEnglish
ICAOSSP M07 Training (R05) (EP).pptICAO SSP Module 07 - SSP training programmeEnglish
ICAOSSP M08 Implementation (R05) (EP).pptICAO SSP Module 08 - SSP implementation planEnglish