In order to assist States in the development and implementation of their safety management programs, ICAO developed safety management training courses. The training activities coordinated through ISM has the objective to provide representatives from civil aviation authorities with knowledge of safety management concepts and associated ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). These include safety management SARPs in Annexes 1, 6, 8, 11, 13 and 14 and related guidance material. The aim is to develop participants’ knowledge on key components of a Safety Management System (SMS) as well as the State Safety Program (SSP), including their implementation and oversight.
The context of the safety management courses are also targeted at representatives from service providers responsible for the implementation of an SMS, in areas of aircraft operations, flight training organizations, air traffic services, maintenance of aircraft and aerodrome operations.

To support a key SSP-SMS element of safety data collection, analysis and exchange by States, a course based on the European Coordination Centre for Aviation incident Reporting Systems (ECCAIRS) has been developed. The objectives of this safety data management training course are to provide hands-on experience with ECCAIRS as a tool to code, enter, analyse and extract safety data. Software set-up, configuration and basic ECCAIRS user support will also be available.


Finally, the need for follow-up facilitation and assessment of the level of SSP-SMS implementation by States and service providers has led ICAO to develop a series of workshops on SMS/SSP Implementation to:

  • Identify potential obstacles on the implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and the State’s Safety Programme (SSP).
  • To discuss possible means and tools to overcome these obstacles, and
  • to propose courses of action to ICAO.