The ICAO Integrated Safety Management Section is dedicated to the development and implementation of safety management principles, policies and related activities. Such activities are intended to cover prescriptive well as performance based safety oversight processes and tools. These processes and tools are implemented as part of an overall continuous monitoring approach to safety management. An integrated safety management function will provide ICAO with a focused and consistent framework to guide strategic decisions to assure continuous safety improvements within the global air transportation system.


Included in ISM Section’s mandate is:

  • the development and administration of safety management standards and recommended practices (SARPs)


  • development and administration of safety management training and facilitation activities


  • development and administration of safety management guidance materials


  • development and administration of an integrated safety trend analysis and reporting system (iSTARS)


Global Runway Safety Symposium
(24-26 May 2011)
ICAO Headquarters, Montréal, Canada

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For more information contact:
John Illson,
Integrated Safety Mangement Section