Appendix A.docACP ACTIVITIES IN SUPPORT OF WORK PROGRAMMESecretariatWorking Group activities in support of ACP Work Programme (as agreed in Sep 2011)53 KB
APPENDIX B 2012.docACP WORK PROGRAMME AS OF FEB. 2012SecretariatACP Work Programme (as agreed Jan 2010)approved by ICAO SRP Feb 201243 KB
Draft manual_end of ACP WG S 3.docAEROMACS MANUALSecretariatDraft AeroMACS Manual(End of ACP WG S/3)129 KB
Draft SARPS_WP04 R5_clearn version.docDRAFT AEROMACS SARPSSecretariatDraft AeroMACS SARPS-clean veriosn(ACP WG S/3 WP04 R5)160 KB
Draft SARPS_WP04 R5_track change version.docDRAFT AEROMACS SARPS TRACK CHANGESecretariatDraft AeroMACS SARPS-track change veriosn(ACP WG S/3 WP04 R5)248 KB
9869_en.pdfDRAFT DOC 9869SecretariatDraft Manual on Required Communication Performance (RCP), First Edition – 2006200 KB
IF77_beta_oct_2010.zipIF77 ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE PROPAGATION SOFTWAREUS Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)The IF-77 model is useful to estimate radio system coverage in the range 0.1 to 20 GHz, and is applicable to air/air, air/ground, air/satellite, ground/ground, and ground/satellite systems.Beta version.(Unzip and run setup.exe to install)51472 KB
ACF58FE.pdfSTATE LETTER #1SecretariatState letter AN7/1.392-07/39 from 22 June 2007 Amendments to Annex 10 Volume III (ATN, climax system)342 KB
Final State Letter 6934 En.pdfSTATE LETTER #2SecretariatManagement and update of air traffic services (ATS) message handling system (AMHS) address information.455 KB