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ACP.1.WP.031.general.en.docRPT0Historical411 KB
ACP.1.WP.031.1.complete.en.pdfRPT1Report on Agenda Item 14135 KB
ACF1491.pdfRPT2Report on Agenda Item 23511 KB
ACP.1.WP.031.3.en.docRPT3Report on Agenda Item 31721 KB
ACP.1.WP.031.4.en.docRPT4Report on Agenda Item 4210 KB
ACP.1.WP.031.5.en.docRPT5Report on Agenda Item 5414 KB
ACP.1.WP.031.6.en.docRPT6Report on agenda item 6236 KB
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ACP.1.WP.001.en.pdfWP1SecretaryTerms of reference, agenda and proposed time schedule for ACP/1143 KB
ACP.1.WP.002.en.pdfWP2SecretaryAdministrative arrangements for ACP/1122 KB
ACP.1.WP.003.3.en.docWP3Rapporteur of Working Group NSARPs for IPS in Annex 103.1489 KB
ACP.1.WP.004.3.en.docWP4Rapporteur of Working Group NSARPs for IPS in Annex 10 (clean version)3.1333 KB
ACP.1.WP.005.6.en.docWP5VariousA proposal for the reorganization of the Aeronautical Communications Panel working arrangements6.2240 KB
ACP.1.WP.006.2.complete.en.pdfWP6Rapporteur of Working Group MDraft Manual on Detailed Technical Specifications for the Aeronautical Mobile Satellite (Route) Service22967 KB
ACP.1.WP.007.6.en.docWP7L. JohnssonVDL Mode 4 Development as Part of an Aircraft VHF Multimode Radio6.1318 KB
ACP.1.WP.008.6.en.docWP8L. JohnssonFrequency Assignment Planning Criteria For VDL Mode 46.1223 KB
ACP.1.WP.009.2.complete.en.pdfWP9Rapporteur of Working Group MThe Report on the Validation of the Requirements in the AMS(R)S SARPs for Iridium21831 KB
ACP.1.WP.010.2.en.docWP10Rapporteur of Working Group MReport from the Working Group M activities on AMS(R)S2212 KB
ACP.1.WP.011.5.en.pdfWP11SecretaryAmendments to the ICAO position for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conference (2007) (WRC-07)5177 KB
ACP.1.WP.012.5.en.docWP12SecretaryICAO Views on WRC-07 Agenda Item 1.65.1311 KB
ACP.1.WP.013.5.en.docWP13SecretaryICAO views on WRC-07 Agenda Item 1.35.1227 KB
ACP.1.WP.014.5.en.docWP14SecretaryICAO Views on WRC-07 Agenda Item 1.55.1235 KB
ACP.1.WP.015.1.en.docWP15B. Phillips and J. PouzetEUROCONTROL/FAA Joint Activities investigating the Future Aeronautical Communications1291 KB
ACP.1.WP.016.1.en.docWP16Rapporteur of Working Group CReport on Working Group C activities1222 KB
ACP.1.WP.017.3.en.docWP17Rapporteur of Working Group NAnalysis of Candidate Mobility Solutions3.11092 KB
ACP.1.WP.018.3.en.docWP18Rapporteur of Working Group NManual on detailed Technical Specification for the IPS communication service3.1453 KB
ACP.1.WP.019.1.en.docWP19B. PhillipsFCS Technology Investigation Overview1823 KB
ACP.1.WP.020.1.complete.en.pdfWP20J. PouzetEuropean Technology Assessment - Step 2 Assessment1242 KB
ACP.1.WP.021.1.complete.en.pdfWP21J. PouzetDevelopment of Evaluation Scenarios1355 KB
ACP.1.WP.022.2.en.docWP22J. NemesCompatibility and Co-Existence of Classic Aero AMS(R)S and Iridium AMS(R)S in Same Airspace2296 KB
ACP.1.WP.023.5.en.docWP23J. NemesThreat to C-Band Allocations Currently Used by Satellite Operators for AMS(R)S Services5.1206 KB
ACP.1.WP.024.2.en.docWP24Rapporteur of Working Group MVHF-Voice System; Climax Operation with 8.33 kHz Channel Spacing2238 KB
ACP.1.WP.025.3.en.docWP25Rapporteur of Working Group NReport on Working Group N activities3211 KB
ACP.1.WP.026.4.en.docWP26Rapporteur of Working Group NVoice over IP (VoIP) Analysis for Air Traffic Management (ATM) Deployment4421 KB
ACP.1.WP.027.2.en.docWP27Rapporteur of Working Group MSummary of ACP WG-M Activities since ACP WG-W-12208 KB
ACP.1.WP.028.1.en.docWP28SecretaryPerformance of Aeronautical Communication Systems1250 KB
ACP.1.WP.029.5.en.docWP29A. KnillMobile Phones on-Board Aircraft5213 KB
ACP 1 WP 030 6 en.docWP30SecretaryWork Programme for AcP Working Groups6.2215 KB
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ACP.1.IP.001.1.en.pdfIP1B. PhillipsUS FCS Phase II Technology Screening and Investigation Report (CR-20065-214451)18480 KB
ACP.1.IP.002.1.en.pdfIP2B. PhillipsUS FCS Phase I Pre-Screening Report (CR-2005-213587)15937 KB
ACP.1.IP.003.3.en.docIP3SecretaryGuidelines for the Development of SARPs Material for Complex Systems3.1214 KB
ACP.1.IP.004.complete.1.en.pdfIP4J. PouzetEuropean Technology Assessment - The Step 1 Report1624 KB
ACP.1.IP.005.1.complete.en.pdfIP5B. Phillips and J. PouzetCommunications Operating Concept and Requirements11326 KB
ACP.1.IP.006.6.en.docIP6E. EstebanBeyond the State of the Art in Civil Aeronautical Communications in the HF Band and Integrated Interactive Digital Voice, Data and Sounder1, 6.13018 KB
ACP.1.IP.007.3.en.docIP7B. PhillipsOptions for Air-Ground Security Roadmap3208 KB
ACP.1.IP.008.1.en.docIP8K. HaufB-AMC - A Promising Future Aeronautical Communications System Based on Multi-Carrier Technology1286 KB
ACP.1.IP.009.2.en.docIP9J. NemesUpdate on the AMS(R)S System Upgrades, Operations and Forward Enhancements2212 KB
ACP.1.IP.010.1.en.docIP10A. KnillDescription and Analysis of P341223 KB
ACP.1.IP.011.1.complete.en.docIP11A. KnillHigh Level Spectrum Compatibility Assessment for P341349 KB
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ACP.1.List of Documentation.1.en.docMIS1SecretaryList of Working Papers263 KB
ACP.1.List.2.en.docMIS2SecretaryAnnounced Participants for the ACP/1 Meeting232 KB
ACP.1.OB.1.en.docMIS3SecretaryOrder of Business OB/1182 KB
ACP.1.WP.xxxx.3.en.docMIS4SecretaryTemplate for Working Papers201 KB
ACP.1.IP.xxxx.4.en.docMIS5SecretaryTemplate for Information Paper199 KB
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ACP.1.DP.001.1.complete.en.pdfDP1SecretaryDraft Report on Agenda Item 112425 KB
ACP.1.WP.031.2.complete.en.pdfDP2SecretaryReport on Agenda Item 223511 KB
ACP.1.DP.002.2.complete.en.pdfDP2SecretaryDraft Report on Agenda Item 223276 KB
ACP.1.DP.003.3.en.docDP3SecretaryDraft Report on Agenda Item 331719 KB
ACP.1.DP.004.4.en.docDP4SecretaryDraft Report on Agenda Item 44210 KB
ACP.1.DP.005.5.en.docDP5SecretaryDraft Report on Agenda Item 55412 KB Report on Agenda Item 66238 KB