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ACP-SMR02-IP01-Meeting Bulletin Cairo 2006.docIP1SecretariatMeeting Bulletin79 KB
ACP-SMR02-IP02-HOTELLIST Cairo for 2006.docIP2SecretariatList of hotels90 KB
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ACP-SMR02-RPT1-Report of the seminar on radio spectrum.docRPT137 KB
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ACP-SMR02-WP01-Preliminary agenda for radio spectrum seminar Cairo June 2006.docWP1SecretariatProvisional Agenda47 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP02-ICAO Global Plan.pptWP2SecretariatPlanning for a global ATM system1839 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP03-Transition Global Plan.pptWP3SecretariatTransition to a Global ATM Plan1264 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP04-Introduction to spectrum management.pptWP4SecretariatIntroduction to aeronautical radio spectrum management11871 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP05-APT WRC-07.pptWP5Jim WellerAPTs preparation for WRC-072984 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP06-CEPT WRC-07 Agenda items 1-5 1.6.pptWP6Steve BondCEPT's preparation for WRC-072175 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP07-CITEL WRC-07.pptWP7Mike BiggsCITEL's preparation for WRC-072104 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP08-ICAO Position for WRC-07.pptWP8SecretariatICAO Position for WRC-073595 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP09-Introduction ICAO RF Handbook.pptWP9SecretariatIntroduction of the ICAO Radio Frequency Handbook (Doc 9718)4562 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP10-Frequency Assignment Planning.pptWP10SecretariatGeneral introduction in aeronautical frequency assignment planning5660 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP11-Frequency Management in AFI and MID Region.v2.1.pptWP11SecretariatFrequency management in the ICAO AFI and MID Regions6548 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP12-FMG.pptWP12John MettropFrequency management in Europe7192 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP13-SAFIRE_overview.pptWP13Christian PelmoineSpectrum and Frequency Information Resource - SAFIRE7666 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP14-HF planning in AFI.v2.pptWP14SecretariatHF Planning issues in AFI8658 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP15-GNSS overview.pptWP15Mike BiggsGlobal Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) - Overview and Spectrum Implementation9682 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP16-Implementation of ICAO systems.pptWP16SecretariatOverview of ICAO CNS systems10618 KB
wp17.aspxWP17Secretariatwithdrawn2 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP18-SC-202 Brief to ICAO - Rev051506.pptWP18Mike BiggsPersonal electronic devices on-board aircraft - status of the work of RTCA SC-202122951 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP19-interference non-aeronautical systems.pptWP19John MettropInterference with non-aeronautical systems - European views121697 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP20-FM broadcast presentation.pptWP20Steve MitchellFM broadcast compatibility with aeronautical ILS, VOR, GBAS and VHF COM13777 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP21-UWB Eurocontrol.pptWP21Christian PelmoineUltra Wide-band (UWB) technology - A threat to aviation?14406 KB
ACP-SMR02-WP22-uwb.pptWP22John MettropUltra wide-band - UK test results143558 KB