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CNS-report.docRPT1Report of the Seminar227 KB
participants-spectrum-Rev1.docRPT2Annex A - List of participants135 KB
Anexx B  Frequency seminar.docRPT3Annex B - Summary of regional proposals for WRC-07, including references to the ICAO position251 KB
ANNEX-C-WGF1724-ICAO-APT mobile phones RWmod-jal-r1.docRPT4Annex C - APT - Opinion on the framework for the use of mobile phones on board aircraft90 KB
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wp1.aspxWP1Secretary Agenda (included in the Report) 3 KB
FB_GALILEO_Presentation_2007_3.pdfWP2Felix ButschGALILEO - Signals, frequencies, performance, current activities, project status1750 KB
Citel presentation Nairobi.pptWP3John TaylorPreparations for WRC-07 - Proposals from CITEL511 KB
cept position.pptWP4john MettropWorld Radiocommunication Conference - CEPT Position351 KB
presentation APT.pptWP5Robert WitzenPreparations for WRC-07 - Proposals from the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT)516 KB
presentation summary.pptWP6Robert WitzenPreparations for WRC-07 - Overview of Regional and National proposals as of 13 September 2007507 KB
presentation AI71final.pptWP7Robert WitzenPreparations for WRC-07 WRC Agenda item 7.1: Comments on the Report of the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau531 KB
Nairobi Seminar- Spectrum Management Sept07.pptWP8Mike BiggsAeronautical Spectrum Management1333 KB
GSM On-Board Aircraft.pptWP9John MettropGSM On-Board Aircraft373 KB
sound files.zipWP10Mike BiggsRadio Frequency Interference - sound files19471 KB
Nairobi Seminar -  RFI Sept07.pptWP10Mike BiggsRadio Frequency Interference14734 KB
SpaceLossCalc_3_3_11.zipWP11Mike BiggsFree space loss calculator (programme; .exe file!)14614 KB
wp12.aspxWP12Steve Mitchell ACP - WG F --- Its interest and activities 3 KB
wp13.aspxWP13 Steve Mitchell WRC – Future Agenda Items 3 KB
wp14.aspxWP14 Steve Mitchell FM broadcast interference 3 KB
SC-202 Brief to ICAO - Rev082907.pptWP15BoeingCellphones, Blackberries, Wireless Laptops and Commercial Airplanes - Assessing the risk and what to do about it - Status of the work of RTCA SC 2022786 KB
ATU Position.pptWP16Mary ObengATU Position29 KB
african states position.zipWP17Various countriesPosition for WRC-07 of several African States1730 KB