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AppB.pdfBList of participants
AppC.pdfCList of Working Papers
AppDpdf.pdfDComments on the Comparative analysis of TLAT ON VDL Mode 4 AMCP WG-M Response to the AMCP WG-C Liaison Statement on Comparative Assessment of ADS-B Links
AppE.pdfEAreas of Further Work on the Comparative Analysis of ADS-B Data Links
AppF.pdfFResponse to AMCP Comments on TLAT Report
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wgw1_wp1_rev1.docWP1Agenda (rev.1)All
wgw1_wp2_rev1.docWP2Rapporteur WG MReport from WG M to the Working Group of the Whole2
WGW103.docWP3SecretaryLiaison statements from AMCP WGC to SCRSP and related replies4.c
WGW104.docWP4SecretaryLiaison statement from AMCP WGC to AMCP WGM and related reply4d
WGW105.docWP5SecretaryLiaison statement from AMCP WGC to OPLINKP and related reply4c
WGW106.docWP6SecretaryLiaison statement from AMCP WGC to AMCP WGF and related developments4d
WGW108.docWP8Rapporteur WGCAMCP WG/3 recommendation for development of UAT SARPs4a/4b
WGW109.docWP9Rapporteur WGCSTATUS Report from WGC5
WGW110.docWP10Brent PhillipsInitiating SARPS for UAT4f
WGW111.zipWP11Brent PhillipsBackground on the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT)4
WGW112.zipWP12Brent PhillipsOverview of FAA Capstone Programme4
WGW113.docWP13Brent PhillipsOverview Comparison of the ADS-B Link Candidates4f
WGW114.zipWP14Dr. George LiglerCandidate ADS-B Radio Frequency Links:  Findings of the Technical Link Assessment Team (TLAT) and Post TLAT Developments4a/b
WGW115.zipWP15Brent PhillipsStatus of UAT MOPS4
WGW116.zipWP16Dr. Larry BachmanUAT Performance In the Presence of DME/TACAN and JTIDS/MIDS4
WGW117.docWP17Larry JohnssonThink Big, Start Small4
WGW118.docWP18Brent PhillipsSpectrum Considerations for the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT)4e
WGW119.docWP19Dr. George LiglerResponse to AMCP Comments on TLAT Report4b,c,d
WGW120.docWP20Brent PhillipsDraft UAT MOPS4
WGW121.docWP21Joachim Wollweber, Dr. Armin SchlerethFeasibility of finding UAT frequencies in the ARNS-Band 960-1215 MHz within the Core Area of Europe4e
WGW123.docWP23Brent PhillipsIAOPA Support for UAT SARPs4f
WGW124.docWP24Brent PhillipsDME Operation in the Presence of UAT Signals4f
WGW125.docWP25Dr. Constantine TamvaclisADS-B Multi-link using 1090 MHz Ext. Squitter and VDL Mode 44
WGW126.docWP26Preliminary report on MASPS compliance assessment
WGW127.docWP27Larry Johnsson and Christian AxelssonImplementation of ADS-B Services in Sweden4
WGW128.docWP28Larry JohnssonVDL Mode 4 Amendments and future improvements4
WGW129.docWP29Larry JohnssonVDL Mode 4 Supporting A-SMGCS systems4
WGW130.docWP30Stephen HeppeErrors in the TLAT Report, and Subsequent Studies, Call into question the results of said studies and require AMCP to Perform its own comparative analyses4b
WGW131.docWP31Edward FalkovRussia’s Activities on the Implementation of ADS-B Based on VDL Mode 44
WGW132.docWP32Stephen HeppeIntegrated ADS-B Systems Incorporating L-Band and VHF Technologies4b
WGW133.docWP33Brent PhillipsUK Statement on UAT
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flimsy1.docFlimsy 1Stephen HeppeComments on cost Basis for comparison of alternative ADS-B Data LinksFlimsy 1