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AMCP866-ycr1.pdfReport on agenda item 1Progress of implementation of air/ground digital links
AMCP866-ycr1A.pdfAppendix AADS-B applications supported by SSR Mode S extended squitter and VDL Mode 4
AMCP866-ycr1B.pdfAppendix B
AMCP866-ycr2.pdfReport on agenda item 2Future air/ground data link systems
AMCP866-ycr2A.pdfAppendix AFuture aeronautical mobile communication scenarios
AMCP866-ycr2B.pdfAppendix BFuture aeronautical mobile communication systems development
AMCP866-ycr2C.pdfAppendix CAdditional information on future aeronautical mobile communication systems development
AMCP866-ycr3.pdfReport on agenda item 3Development of SARPs for the universal access transceiver (UAT)
AMCP866-ycr3A.pdfAppendix ADraft requirements and desirable features for the universal access transceiver (UAT) system version 1.0
AMCP866-ycr3B.pdfAppendix BDraft SARPs for UAT revision 1.0
AMCP866-ycr4.pdfReport on agenda item 4Comparative analysis of ADS/B data links
AMCP866-ycr4App.pdfAppendixComparative analysis of ADS-B links
AMCP866-ycr5.pdfReport on agenda item 5Review of existing ICAO material on air/ground communication systems
AMCP866-ycr5A.pdfAppendix AAmendments to SARPs of Annex 10, Volume III, Part I, Chapter 11 on HF dala link
AMCP866-ycr5B.pdfAppendix BAmendments to the manual on HF data link; Part II; detailed technical specifications
AMCP866-ycr5C.pdfAppendix CAmendments to the manual on the VHF digital links (VDL) Mode 2; (Doc. 9776)
AMCP866-ycr5D.pdfAppendix DProposed amendments to the manual on the VHF digital link (VDL) Mode 3
AMCP866-ycr5E.pdfAppendix EVDL Mode 4 implementation manual; Chapter 2 of Part I; technical description and operating principles.
AMCP866-ycr5F.docAppendix FManual on detailed technical spcifications for the VDL Mode 4 digital link; part II
AMCP866-ycr5G.pdfAppendix GA new DLS protocol for the VDL Mode 4 data link
AMCP866-ycr5H.pdfAppendix HFurther work items relating to VDL Mode 4
AMCP866-ycr5I.pdfAppendix IProposed amendments to VDL Mode 4 SARPs (Annex 10, Volume III, Part I)
AMCP866-ycr5J.pdfAppendix JFrequency planning assignment criteria for VDL Modes 2, 3 and 4
AMCP866-ycr6.pdfReport on agenda item 6ICAO position for ITU WRC-2003
AMCP866-ycr6A.pdfAppendix AAmendments to the ICAO position on WRC-03 agenda items 1.4, 1.11, 1.15, 1.28 and 7.2
AMCP866-ycr6B.pdfAppendix BMobile-satellite system terrestrial fill-in repeater system proposed operation
AMCP866-ycr7.pdfReport on agenda item 7Future work