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item-1.pdfReport on agenda item 1Development and validation of the draft SARPs for HF data link
item-1a.pdfAppendix ATerms of reference for AMCP working group E
item-1b.pdfAppendix BSARPs for HF data link
item-1c.pdfAppendix CAppendix to SARPS for HF data link (Annex 10 - chapter 11)
item-1c-cov.pdfAppendix C - coverAppendix to SARPs for HF data link - cover
item-1d.pdfAppendix DDraft manual on HF Data Link (HFDL) technical details
item-1e.pdfAppendix EDraft manual on the implementation of HF Data Link (HFDL)
item-1f.pdfAppendix FConfiguration control procedures for HFDL SARPs
item-2.pdfReport on agenda item 2Progress of the work of VHF digital link (VDL) Mode 3
item-2a.pdfAppendixValidation of the draft VDL Mode 3 SARPs
item-3.pdfReport on agenda item 3Progress of the work of VHF digital link (VDL) Mode 4
item-4.pdfReport on agenda item 4Assessment of the various voice and/or data communication systems and overview of their performance characteristics  (Note. - As per parts a) and b) of AMCP/4 Recommendation 2/1)
item-4a.pdfAppendixReport on the assessment of CNS digital links
item-5.pdfReport on agenda item 5Results of the feasibility study on the potential applications of next-generation satellite systems to civil aviation
item-5a.pdfAppendix AReport of the feasibility study on the use of next-generation satellite systems for aeronautical mobile satellite (R) service (AMS(R)S
item-5b.pdfAppendix BAdditional terms of reference for AMCP working group A
item-6.pdfReport on agenda item 6Progress of the work on amendments and maintenance of the existing AMSS SARPs
item-6a.pdfAppendixAMS(RS spectrum issues
item-7.pdfReport on agenda item 7Future work
supp1.pdfSupplement 1