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item-1.pdfReport on agenda item 1Review of developments in aeronautical mobile and aeronautical mobile satellite communications since AMCP/3.
item-1a.pdfAppendixProposed amendment to Annex 10, Volume II, Chapter 5 - AMS - Radio telephony procedures
item-2.pdfReport on agenda item 2General aspects on the future evolution of the VHF digital link (VDL)
item-2a.pdfAppendix AEATCHIP initial data link project
item-2b.pdfAppendix BFuture telecommunication systems
item-3.pdfReport on agenda item 3Development and validation of the draft SARPs for VDL Mode 1 (and Mode 2)
item-3a.pdfAppendix AVHF Digital Link (VDL) - Design Guidelines
item-3b.pdfAppendix BDraft guidance material - VHF Digital Link (VDL) Operating Concept
item-3c.pdfAppendix CVHF Digital Link (VDL) Standards and Recommended Practices
item-3d.pdfAppendix DVDL implementation aspects
item-3da.pdfAppendix D-aAircraft LME
item-3db.pdfAppendix D-bGround LME
item-3dc.pdfAppendix D-cGround LME
item-3dd.pdfAppendix D-dGround LME
item-3de.pdfAppendix D-e--
item-3e.pdfAppendix EAmendment Annex 10, Volume III, Part I, Chapter 6. VHF air-ground data link (VDL) RF characteristics
item-3f.pdfAppendix FAmendment to Annex 10 - Change definition for VDL
item-3g.pdfAppendix GAmendment to Annex 10 - removal of technical provisions relating to international air-ground data interchange
item-3h.pdfAppendix HVDL Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) - Validation Cross Reference Index
item-4.pdfReport on agenda item 4Progress on the development of draft SARPs for the air-ground integrated voice/data system
item-4a.pdfAppendix ATerms of reference of AMCP working group D (21 )ctober 1994)
item-4b.pdfAppendix BRequirements and desirable features for a future ATS air-ground communication system
item-4c.pdfAppendix CDraft VHF Digital Link (VDL) Mode 3 - design guidelines for the future VHF air-ground communications system
item-4d.pdfAppendix DVHF Digital Link (VDL) TDMA Mode (Mode 3) - Standards and Recommended Practices
item-4e.pdfAppendix EPreliminary VDL Mode 3 system operating concept
item-4f.pdfAppendix FGuidance material supporting VDL Mode 3
item-5.pdfReport on agenda item 5Progress on the development of draft SARPs for the data link to support navigation and surveillance applications
item-5a.pdfAppendix ADraft identified requirements for Navigation/Surveillance data links
item-5b.pdfAppendix BDraft design guidelines for Navigation/Surveillance data links
item-5c.pdfAppendix CDraft Self-organizing Time Division Multiple Access (STDMA) operating concept VDL Mode 4
item-5d.pdfAppendix DSelf-organizing Time Division Multiple Access VDL Mode 4 - Standards and Recommended Practices
item-6.pdfReport on agenda item 6Review of the report on the feasibility of HF data link
item-6a.pdfAppendixReport from the Ad-Hoc working group on HF data link
item-7.pdfReport on agenda item 7Aeronautical mobile-satellite service (AMSS) issues
item-7a.pdfAppendixTerm of reference for a reconstituted/reactivated AMCP working group A
item-8.pdfReport on agenda item 8Future work
supp1.pdfSupplement 1