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item-1.pdfReport on agenda item 1Review of working group activities
item-2.pdfReport on agenda item 2Review of AMSS Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs)
item-2A1.pdfAppendix Ch. 1AMSS SARPs    Chapter 1
item2A10.pdfAppendix Ch. 2AMSS SARPs    Chapter 2
item-2A2.pdfAppendix Ch. 3AMSS SARPs    Chapter 3
item-2A3.pdfAppendix Ch. 4AMSS SARPs    Chapter 4
item-2A4.pdfAppendix Ch. 5AMSS SARPs    Chapter 5
item-2A5.pdfAppendix Ch. 6AMSS SARPs    Chapter 6
item-2A6.pdfAppendix Ch. 7AMSS SARPs    Chapter 7
item-2A7.pdfAppendix Ch. 8AMSS SARPs    Chapter 8
item-2A8.pdfAppendix Ch. 9AMSS SARPs    Chapter 9
item-2A9.pdfAppendix Ch. 10AMSS SARPs    Chapter 10
item-2AA.pdfAppendix A to AppendixAMSS SARPs
item-2AB.pdfAppendix B to AppendixAMSS SARPs
item-2AC.pdfAppendix C to AppendixAMSS SARPs
item-2ACN.pdfAppendix D to AppendixAMSS SARPs
item-2ACV.pdfAppendix E to AppendixAMSS SARPs
item-2AD.pdfAppendix F to AppendixAMSS SARPs
item-2AE.pdfAppendix G to AppendixAMSS SARPs
item-2AF.pdfAppendix H to AppendixAMSS SARPs
item-2AG.pdfTable of content to App.AMSS SARPs
item-2AH.pdfCover page for App.AMSS SARPs
item-3.pdfReport on agenda item 3Review of AMSS guidance material
item-3A.pdfAppendix AMapping of communication priorities in the ATN
item-4.pdfReport on agenda item 4Review of AMSS validation process
item-4A.pdfAppendix ARequirements for pilot-controller voice communications via satellite
item-5.pdfReport on agenda item 5Review of International Radio Consultative Committee (CCIR) AMSS matters
item-5A.pdfAppendix AMaximum level of permissible interference to the Aeronautical Mobile Satellite (R) Service (AMS(R)S)
item-5B.pdfAppendix BBit error performance for the Aeronautical Mobile Satellite (R) Service (AMS(R)S)
item-6.pdfReport on agenda item 6Other AMSS business
item-7.pdfReport on agenda item 7Develop measures for improved utilization of the very high frequency (VHF) band
item-8.pdfReport on agenda item 8Develop material on very high frequency (VHF) data link (VDL)
item-8A.pdfAppendix ADraft VHF Digital link (VDL) design guidelines
item-8B.pdfAppendix BDraft guidelines for establishing a SAPRs validation programme
item-9.pdfReport on agenda item 9Future work, including co-ordination with other panels or committees
item-9A.pdfAppendix AWork programme of the Aeronautical Mobile Communications Panel
SUPP.pdfSupplement 1