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Item-1.pdfReport on agenda item 1Review activities performed by other related panels and/or committees and the report of the  Communications/Meteorology/Operations (COM/MET/OPS) Divisional Meeting (1990)  (Doc 9566)
Item2.pdfReport on agenda item 2Review issues related to aeronautical mobile satellite (R) service (AMS(R)S) frequency spectrum coordination and  prepare, as necessary, material for submission to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) International Radio Consultative Committee
Item2A.pdfAppendix ADraft question .../8   Interference to the Aeronautical Mobile-Satellite (R) Service
Item2B.pdfAppendix BDraft question .../8 Coordination of frequencies in bands allocated to the Aeronautical Mobile Satellite (R) Service
Item2C.pdfAppendix CGuidelines to be used in the coordination of frequency assignments in bands allocated to AMS(R)S
Item2D.pdfAppendix DSummary of ITU satellite system frequency coordination
Item2E.pdfAppendix ECCIR Study Groups - Interim Working Party 8/14 (third meeting)  - Draft amendment to report 1176, Interworking Between the Mobile Satellite Systems and the Terrestrial Networks for Data Transmission Services
Item3.pdfReport on agenda item 3Development of material on very high frequency (VHF) air-ground data link
Item3A.pdfAppendix AVHF data link ATS trials using ACARS
Item3B.pdfAppendix BTitle and scope for draft Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) for Aeronautical Mobile VHF Digital Link (VDL)
Item3C.pdfAppendix CVHF Air-Ground digital communications systems development - Consideration of Technical Issues
Item3D.pdfAppendix DAeronautical mobile VHF Digital Link (VDL)  - Draft Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs)
Item3E.pdfAppendix ESource and reference documents
Item3F.pdfAppendix FVHF digital link draft SARPs and associated material - -  Plan, work methods and schedule
Item4.pdfReport on agenda item 4Develop measures for improved utilization of the VHF band
Item4A.pdfAppendix AWork programme and schedule for improved utilization of the VHF band
Item5.pdfReport on agenda item 5Further work, including co-ordination with other panels or committees.
Item5A.pdfAppendix AAeronautical Mobile Communications Panel (AMCP)  - Terms of reference and work programme
SUPP-1.pdfSupplement 1