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SGN4_WP1206 - Minutes.DOCRPT1Report
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SGN4-WP1201 - Agenda.docWP1RapporteurAgenda
SGN4-WP1202 - List of Security Papers.docWP2RapporteurLis of security papers
SGN4-WP1203 - ATN IPS Tech Manual and SP 500-267.docWP3Vic PatelComparison of ATN/IPS Technical Manual and NIST SP 500-267, “A Profile for IPv6 in the U.S. Government – Version 1.0”
SGN4-WP1204 - Threats and Security Options for ATN IPS Routing Infrastructure.docWP4Tom McParlandThreats to and Options for Securing the ATN IPS Routing Infrastructure
SGN4-WP1205 - Security Changes toATN IPS Tech Manual.docWP5Vic PatelProposed security updates to the ICAO Manual of Detailed Technical Specifications for Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) Version 10
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SGN4_IP1201_SecurityRegionalDocs.zipIP1Vic PatelRecommended Regional Security Guidance Documents