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sgn4-01-wp01.pdfWP01T. McParlandAgenda2
sgn4-01-wp02.pdfWP02T. McParlandList of working papers3
sgn4-01-wp04.pdfWP04T. McParlandReport from ATNP WG B SG 3 8th meeting4
sgn4-01-wp05.zipWP05T. McParlandSG N4 work program status8
sgn4-01-wp08.pdfWP08T. McParlandAIDC security provisions6.13
sgn4-01-wp09.zipWP09S. Blake-WilsonDemonstration of ATN and Internet Protocol (IP) security6.11
sgn4-01-wp10.pdfWP10S. Blake-WilsonSME8 (security) status report6.3
sgn4-01-wp11.zipWP11T. McParlandATN system integrity policy6.12
sgn04-01-wp12.docWP12SG N4 papers for WG N
sgn04-01-wp13.docWP13List of participants
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sgn04-01-ip01.pdfIP01V. PatelAEEC ATN security progress6.13
sgn04-01-ip02.pdfIP02S. Blake-WilsonSecuring VDL mode 3 via XID exchange6.1
sgn04-01-ip03.pdfIP03S. Blake-WilsonPresentation on securing VDL mode 3 via XID exchange6.1
sgn04-01-ip04.docIP04JapanR&D of equipment for ATN implementation in Japan6.8
sgn04-01-ip05.pdfIP05Italy11th ANC paper on security in ATM communications (11th ANC WP 170)6.12
sgn04-01-ip06.pdfIP06France11th ANC paper on methodology for computer security in operational networks of the French office of Air Navigation (11th ANC WP 58)6.12
sgn04-01-ip07.docIP07ATNTTF Ad-Hoc WG BNeed for ICAO system integrity policy; Asia/Pacific Region (ATNTTF Ad-Hoc WG B)6.12
sgn04-01-ip08.pdfIP08ATNTTFNeed for ICAO system integrity policy; Asia/Pacific Region (ATNTTF/5 - WP 11)6.12
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sgn04-01-fl01.pdfFlimsy 1T. McParlandIntroduction to ATN system integrity policy6.12
sgn04-01-fl02.docFlimsy 2A. BurgemeisterThoughts on security sunrise and sunset dates
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sgn04-01-misc01.docMisc. 1EurocontrolVHF security study final report (Eurocontrol)
sgn04-01-misc02.zipMisc. 2PDR M2080001, PDR 2080006, PDR 2090002, PDR 2090003 and PDR 2090005