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sgN3wp5-01a Agenda.docWP1RapporteurDraft Agenda
sgN3wp5-02a List of working papers.docWP2RapporteurList of working and information papers
sgN3wp5-03 ACP SV7 Report.docWP3Robert WillmottProgress report on ICAO Doc. 9705 SV 7 - ATN Directory5
sgN3wp5-03 Attachment A SV7A Directory Service_upd2.wpdWP3Robert WillmottAppendix A to WP 35
sgN3wp5-03 Attachment B 9705e3-SV7B version eliminating 'Base' PICS references v0_1.txtWP3Robert WillmottAppendix B to working paper 35
sgN3wp5-03 Attachment C  9705 SV7 B - ATN Directory Protocols - ISP Imports.txtWP3Robert WillmottAppendix C to working paper 35
sgN3wp5-03 Attachment D New 'minimal' approach to ICAO 9705 SV7B - ATN Directory Specification.docWP3Robert WillmottAppendix D to working paper 35
sgN3wp5-04 Directory Security and LDAP.docWP4Robert WillmottLDAP and the ATN security requirements5
SGN3-05-WP3 AidcOplinkP1.docWP6Chanyut PrukkumwongIssues regarding AIDC as a result from OPLINKP/1--
sgN3wp5-07 Options for the update of the AIDC application.docWP7Jean-Marc VacherOptions for the updates of the AIDC application6
sgN3wp5-08 SITA Domain04.docWP8Jean DellerueSITA domain and AMHS/TYPE B gateway addressing scheme4
WP-905-WGN06-WP09 Robert Witzen.docWP9SecretaryAnnex 10, Volume III, Part I Chapter 3 - Amendments
ACP-WGN06-WP03-Applications in the ATN.docWP10SecretaryApplications in the ATN/OSI and ATN/IPS (also submitted to WG N)-
sgN3wp5-11 9705e3-SV3 ATSMHS DraftEd4 with PDRs resolved in 2006.wpdWP11Jean-Marc VacherUpdate of the draft edition 4 of Doc. 9705 SV 3 ATSMHS including resolved PDR's4
WP6 Rearrangement of material on AIDC.docWP12Chanyut PHRUKKUMWONGRearrangement of material on AIDC
SGN3-05-WP02-Proposed Defect Report on the AIDC in Doc9705.docWP13Chanyut PHRUKKUMWONGProposed Defect Report on the AIDC in Subvolume III of Doc 9705 (3rd edition)
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sgN3ip5-02 USA_AMHS IMPL PLAN.docIP2Hoang TranFAA ATN-AMHS implementation plan3
sgN3ip5-03 ATNICG REPORT-ver1.docIP3Hoang TranReport of the first meeting of the ASIA/PAC ATN implementation coordination group3
sgN3ip5-04 - FIRST report.docIP4Manuel GarciaFirst multiple international realization of ICAO SARPs AMHS trials (FIRST)3
sgN3ip5-05 - PENS_report.docIP5Manuel GarciaReport on activities of the pan-European IP network (PENS)3
sgN3ip5-06 Asia_Pac AIDC ICD Progress report.docIP6AerothaiProgress on the development of the AIDC interface control document for ASIA/PAC