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sgN3dp4-1a.docRPT1Final Report
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sgN3wp4-1 Agenda.docWP1RapporteurMeeting agenda
sgN3wp4-2a List of working papers.docWP2RapporteurList of Working Papers and Information Papers
sgN3wp4-3 Comments on Doc 9705 SV7 V 0_2.zipWP3Robert WillmottComments on Doc. 9705 SV7 ATN Directory
sgN3wp4-4 ATN Directory Protocols and Schema Analysis V 0_7.zipWP4Robert WillmottATN Directory Protocols and Schema Analysis
sgN3wp4-5 AMHS MD Register maintenance.zipWP5Jean-Marc VacherMethods and tools for AMHS MD Register maintenance
sgN3wp4-6 technical provisions for AMHS over TCP-IP.docWP6Jean-Marc VacherTechnical provisions for AMHS over TCP/IP
sgN3wp4-7 Update of the AIDC application.docWP7Jean-Marc VacherUpdate of the AIDC application
sgN3wp4-8 Imp-IPv6 ACP-N1kk.docWP8Leon Sayadian and Kelly KitchensImplementation of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) for the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN)
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sgN3ip4-1 Result of study on use of BUFR.zipIP1Andy IsaksenResult of study for use of the Binary Universal Form Representation of Meteorological data (BUFR)