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SWGN3-3 report.docRPT1Report
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sgN3wp3-1 Agenda.docWP1RapporteurAgenda
sgN3wp3-2 List of working papers.docWP2RapporteurList of working and information papers
sgN3wp3-3 AMHS_TestAdresses.docWP3Klauspeter HaufIntroduction of standardized addressing for AMHS testing3
sgN3wp3-4a EUR_AMHS_use_Directory.docWP4Manual GarciaAMHS use of the X.500 directory in Europe4
sgN3wp3-5 AMHS implementation profiles.docWP5Jean-Marc VacherAMHS implementation profiles and sub-setting rules3
sgN3wp3-5 Appendix ATSMHS_Ed3_PICS_Proforma V0-2.xlsWP5Jean-Marc VacherAppendix to WP 53
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sgN3ip3-1 AMHS_ConformanceTest.docIP1Klauspeter HaufAMHS conformance test tool3
sgN3ip3-2 OPLINKP WGB wp117 minutes wgB.pdfIP2OPLINK panelOPLINKP WG/B WP/117 (February 2005) Summary of discussions and conclusions5