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SGN2-06-MM SGN2-ReportV10.zipRPT1Meeting Report
collapse Categories : 2Working Paper ‎(10)
SGN2-06-WP01-Agenda-ListAttendees.zipWP1RapporteurAgenda and List of Attendees
SGN2-06-WP02-ListWP.docWP2RapporteurList of Working Papers
SGN2-06-WP03-SGN2-5th_meeting_Report.zipWP3RapporteurReport of the 5th Meeting of ACP-WGN-SWG2
SGN2-06-WP04-OpenPDRs.zipWP4F. PicardOpen Sub-Volume II PDRs - Security Parameter in PM-CPDLC
SGN2-06-WP05-PMCPDLCProposedV1.3.zipWP5F. PicardProtected-Mode CPLDLC - proposed version 1.3
SGN2-06-WP06-PM-ADS SARPS.zipWP6G. SandellProtected Mode - ADS
SGN2-06-WP07-PMFISV03-SVII.zipWP7L. EmbergerProtected Mode - Flight Information Service (PM-FIS) Material - Proposed Doc 9705 Sub-Volume II - V0R3
SGN2-06-WP08-NewMessageSet.zipWP8F. PicardAlignement of CPDLC Message Set to Doc 4444 after OPLINKP/1
SGN2-06-WP09-Comments on PM-ADS (Feb 2006).zipWP9T. Whyman and T. KerrComments on PM-ADS draft
SGN2-06-WP11-NewProposedPMADSV02.zipWP11F. PicardNew proposed PM-ADS specification
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SGN2-06-IP1-InvitationREVA.zipIP1RapporteurMeeting Invitation
SGN2-06-IP2-PM-ADS FlimsyV02.zipIP2RapporteurDraft FLIMSY on future direction for PM-ADS