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SNG1-07-WP717 SGN1RPT7.docRPT1Meeting Report
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SNG1-07-WP701-Meeting 7 Agenda kk1.docWP1RapporteurMeeting Agenda
SNG1-07-WP702-Malmo 07 Working Paper List.docWP2RapporteurList of Working Papers
SNG1-07-WP703 ICAO G-G IPS SARPs V3and4.zipWP3RapporteurDraft ICAO/ATN Internet Communication Service Over the Internet Protocol Suite (IPS); Versions 3 and 4
SNG1-07-WP704 -mobility study.docWP4RapporteurCandidate ATN IPS Mobility Solutions
SNG1-07-WP705 aircraft_mobility_doc_pa2.docWP5Christian Kaas-PetersenAircraft Mobility in IP terms
SNG1-07-WP707 icao-ietf-wp2-eddy-23 March 2006.docWP7Wesley M. EddyStandards and Maturity Guidance on Mobility Techniques
SNG1-07-WP708 sgN3ip4-2 Imp-IPv6 ACP-N1kk.docWP8Leon Sayadian and Kelly KitchensImplementation Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) for the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN)
SNG1-07-WP709 European IPS ATN Strategy.docWP9Danny Van RoosbroekStrategy and use of IP and ATN for Aeronautical Communications in Europe
SNG1-07-WP710 GG IP Communications _v10.pptWP10Eivan CerasiGround/Ground IP Communications - European experience and perspectives
SNG1-07-WP711 Surveillance Data and IP v10.pptWP11Dimitris DoukasAn overview on Migration of Surveillance Data to IP
SNG1-07-WP712 Air_Ground_data_link.pptWP12Danny Van RoosbroekAir / Ground Communications in Europe
SNG1-07-WP713 Reqs_Spec_for_IP_A-G_Study.docWP13RapporteurRequirements Specification for a Study into IP in the Future Infrastructure for Air-Ground Communication Applications
SNG1-07-WP714 Example IPS Application ARTAS.pdfWP14Danny Van RoosbroekExample of an IPS Application - ARTAS - External Interface Requirements Specification (EIRS)
SNG1-07-WP715 Migration to IPv6 for ATM Air 0_6.docWP15Danny Van RoosbroekMigration to IPv6 for ATM Air/Ground data communication
SNG1-07-WP716 - Sec3-1 - MIP6-ivancic.docWP16Will IvancicDraft text - Mobility for IPv6 (MIP6)
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SNG1-07-IP701 APC-WP-N1 IPv6-Mobility-Ivancic.pptIP1Will IvancicPresentation on Mobile-IP Mobile Networking Ad Hoc Network
SNG1-07-IP702 SGN4 - Minutes.docIP2RapporteurMinutes of the 7th meeting of SWG-N4
SNG1-07-IP703-email.docIP3RapporteurEmail from Gregg Anderson re ATN SARPs
SNG1-07-IP704 Wargo Priority Protocol Info Paper 03-25-06.docIP4Chris Dhas and Chris WargoProtocol Priority Mechanisms