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Report SWGN1-12.docRPT122-26 January 2007 Bangkok, Thailand
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WP1201 Agendarr.docWP1RapporteurAgenda
WP1203-IPS Air-Ground Studyrr.docWP3Eivan CerasiPreliminary results of the Eurocontrol study on IPS for air-ground ATM communications
WP1204_ICAO_IPS_TechSpec_V8.0b redlinesrr.docWP4Andy ColonICAO IPS Technical Specifications V8.0b (redlined)
WP1205_ICAO_IPS_TechSpec_V9.0 Baselinerr.docWP5Andy ColonICAO IPS Technical Specifications V9.0 Baseline
WP1206_Mobility Studyr.docWP6SG N1Analysis of Candidate ATN IPS Mobility Solutions
WP1207_WGN1 CommentstoICAO_IPS_TechSpec_v9.0r.xlsWP7Andy ColonComments to ICAO IPS Technical Specifications v9.0
WP1208 9705 SV5 Statusrev.docWP8Pierre VabreStatus of Document 9705 – Sub-volume V (rev) (Internet Communication Services)
9705-SV5 ICS DraftEd4_redline.zipWP8Pierre VabreDoc. 9705 - SV V 4th edition. (wpd)
9705-SV5 ICS DraftEd4_redline-PDF.zipWP8Pierre VabreDoc. 9705 SV V fourth edition (pdf)
WP1209 ATNSARPS  V3 summary.docWP9SecretaryATN SARPs v3 comments
WP1210 QoS for IPS.docWP10Kelly KitchensDesirable features of Quality of Services (QoS)/Class of Services (CoS) for ATN/IPS requirements (Guidance material) (WP1107)
WP1211DRAFT IPS Security Guidance Material.docWP11SGN4/Tom McParlandDRAFT - IPS security guidance material (SGN4-09/WP0903)
WP1212 VoIP HANDBK forICAO-ACP-N1.docWP12Kelly KitchensImplementation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for Air Traffic Management (ATM) applications; reference guide for ACP, Subgroup N1; Version 1.0 (WP1111)
WP1213 ATN SARPs REDLINEonly vrevREVSGN1-12.docWP13SecretaryATN SARPs v3 redline only
WP1214 ATN SARPs clean-rev3-.docWP14SecretaryATN SARPs v3 clean
WP1215speechcircuits-Annexes.docWP15SecretaryICAO provisions in Annexes on aeronautical speech circuits (Annex 10, Vol. II and III and Annex 11)
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IP1201 Meeting Bulletin ACP SGN1rr.docIP1RapporteurMeeting Bulletin
IP1202rr.docIP2RapporteurNomination form
IP1203 Invitation SGN1-11rr.docIP3RapporteurInvitation
IP1205_IPS ASNrr.docIP5Eivan CerasiStatus report of autonomous system numbering
P684D006-3_0 D1 Application Requirement Analysis.pdfIP6Eivan CerasiEurocontrol A/G IP Study Deliverable D1 – Application Requirement Analysis
P684D007-3_0 D2 IPS Analysis.pdfIP7Eivan CerasiEurocontrol A/G IP Study : Deliverable D2 – IPS Analysis
P684D011-1_0 D3-D4 Mobility and Security in the FCS.pdfIP8Eivan CerasiEurocontrol A/G IP Study - Deliverable 3/4 - Mobility and Security
P684D013-1_0 D5-D6 The FCI Concept and Transition.pdfIP9Eivan CerasiEurocontrol A/G IP Study - Deliverable 5/6 - Concept and Transition