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ACF23DF.docRPT1Report SWGN1 - 10 Rev 1
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ACFA00.docWP2RapporteurList of working papersall
WP1003 SWGN1-10-Montreal-TechManual.zipWP3Andy Colon/Kelly KitchensInternet communication service for TCP/IP networks; version 6 r2a and comments4
WP1004 Japan comments-tech-spec.zipWP4Kelly Kitchens for Mark BrownProposed revisions to the draft IPS technical standards ("SARPs")4
ACFA43.docWP5Eivan Cerasi / Tony KerrATN IPS assumptions and routing protocol considerations4
ACFA40.docWP6Eivan Cerasi / Tony KerrEurocontrol comments on version 6.0 r2a of the draft IPS manual4
ACFA45.docWP7K. Kitchens for JapanObservations on the proposed draft manual for an IPS communication service for the ATN4
ACFA47.docWP8Pierre VabreA proposal for ATN IPS QoS management4
ACFA49.docWP9SecretaryProposed amendments to ATN SARPs as reviewed by WGN/06
ACFA4B.docWP10Tony KerrEurocontrol detailed comments on proposed update to Annex 10 ATN revisions5.4
ACFA4D.docWP11Tony KerrStatus of Eurocontrol study into IPS for air-ground ATM communication5.2
ACFA4F.docWP12SecretaryProposed amendments to ATN SARPs as reviewed by WGN/06-amendments accepted version
ACFA51.docWP13SecretaryProposal for further amendments to ATN SARPs5.4
WP1014 ATN-SARPS V1.0reviseddeletedtexts.docWP14SecretaryComments on deleted texts of ATN SARPs from Annex 105.4
WP1016 Comments on WP 1010 on Annex 10 updates-1.docWP16SecretaryComment by the Secretary on WP 1010-
WP1017  SGN2 ATN-SARPS V1.CommentsFP.docWP17Rapporteur SWG N2SGN2 ATN-SARPS V1.Comments from SWGN25.5
WP1018 - Mobility Study.docWP18Tom McParlandAnalysis of Candidate ATN IPS Mobility Solutions5.5
WP1019-ivanic-mobile-platforms.zipWP19IvanicMulti-Domained, Multi-Homed Mobile Networks draft
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IP1001 Invitation.docIP1RapporteurInvitation
IP1002 Meeting Bulletin ACP SGN1.docIP2RapporteurMeeting bulletin
IP1003 Nomination Form  Panel Experts.docIP3RapporteurNomination form participants
IP1004-1 draft-davis-aviationreq-00.txtIP4Terry DavisDraft IETF material - Aviation global internet operations requirements
IP1005 EAVoIP Project.docIP5Leon SayadianEAVoIP - European ATM Voice over IP project
IP1006 EAVOIP Technical Submission Book-CS-POH-Vers01.docIP6Leon SayadianEAVoIP - Technical Submission Book-CS-POH-Vers01
IP1007 EAVOIP Technical Submission Book-CS-POH-Vers03.docIP7Leon SayadianEAVOIP - Technical Submission Book-CS-POH-Vers03.doc
IP1008 Analysis of IPv6 Features and Usability.zipIP8Will IvancicAnalysis of IPv6 Features and Usability