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WG N07-attachment ppp manual on IPS.docRPT2Attachment PPP - Manual of Detailed Technical Specification for Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) Communication Service Version 10
WGN07-attachment qqqq-mobility.docRPT3Attachment QQQ - Analysis of Candidate ATN IPS Mobility Solutions
WGN07-attachment rrr-VoIP.docRPT4Attachment RRR - Implementation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for Air Traffic Management (ATM) Applications
WGN07-attachment sssAAA IPS GM- QoS for IPS.docRPT5Attachment SSS - Desirable Features of Quality of Services (QoS)/Class of Services (CoS) For ATN/IPS Requirements (draft guidance material)
WGN07-attachment sssBBB-IPS  Security GM.docRPT6Attachment SSS - IPS Security - (draft guidance material)
WGN07-attachment ttt  AIDC Technical provisions-final.zipRPT7Attachment TTT AIDC Technical provisions - final
WGN07-attachment uuu Updated GM for the ATN Directory Services.zipRPT8Attachment UUU - Updated GM for the ATN Directory
WGN07-attachment vvv ATNSARPS  V3.3 summary.docRPT9Attachment VVV - ATN SARPS V3.3 summary
WGN07-attachment www ATN SARPs REDLINEonly v3-3.docRPT10Attachment WWW ATN SARPS V3.3 redlined
WGN07-attachment xxx ATN SARPs clean v3-3.docRPT11Attachment XXX ATN SARPS V3.3 clean
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WGN07-WP02_v01 list of WPs1.docWP2RapporteurList of Working Papers
WP703-IPS Air-Ground Studyrr.docWP3Eivan CerasiPreliminary results of Eurocontrol study on IPS for air-ground ATM communications
WGN07-WP05 N1 subgroup progress report2rev.docWP5Rapporteur N1N1 Subgroup (Internet communications services) progress report
WGN07-WP07 Report of SGN3 activities.docWP7Rapporteur N3N3 Subgroup (ground-ground) progress report
WGN07-WP08 IPS Mobility solutions1.docWP8Rapporteur N1Analysis of candidate ATN IPS mobility solutions
WP709 N1-1210 QoS for IPS.docWP9Leon Sayadian / Kelly KitchensDesirable Features of Quality of Services (QoS)/Class of Services (CoS) For ATN/IPS Requirements. Guidance Material.
WGN07-WP10 1Draft IPS  Security Guidance Material1.docWP10Rapporteur N4IPS Security Guidance Material (Draft)
WGN07-WP11 Completion of Doc 9705 SV3 AIDC Technical provisions.zipWP11Rapporteur N3Updated technical provisions for AIDC
WGN07-WP12 Updated GM for the ATN Directory Services.zipWP12Rapporteur N3Updated guidance material for ATN directory services
WGN07-WP13-Minutes of SGN2 8th meeting.zipWP13Rapporteur N2Minutes of theSN2/8 meeting
WGN07-WP14 Implementation of VoIP for ATM applications1.docWP14Rapporteur N1Implementation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for Air Traffic Management (ATM) Applications
WP715_ICAO_IPS_TechSpec_V10.0 Baseline.docWP15Rapporteur N1Ground/Ground IP technical manual
WGN07-WP16-PMFIS-ValidationStatus.docWP16Rapporteur N2PM-FIS validation report
WGN07-WP17-PM-ADS.zipWP17Rapporteur N2PM-ADS technical provisions version0.4
WP7181 ATNSARPS  V3.3 summary.docWP18Rapporteur N1Annex 10 proposed amendments - v3.2 - comments summary - REVISION to V3.3
WP7182 ATN SARPs REDLINEonly vrevREVSGN1-12v3.3.docWP18Rapporteur N1Annex 10 proposed amendments - v3.2 - red-lined version REVISION to V 3.3
WP7183 ATN SARPs clean v3.2.docWP18Rapporteur N1Annex 10 proposed amendments - v3.2 clean version
ACPWGN07_WP19.docWP19Ken ItanoIP-SNDCF Validation Experiment by ENRI
WGN07-WP20 N4 Progress Report Jan 2007.docWP20Andy ColonSGN4 progress report
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WGN07-IP01_ WGN07 schedule1.docIP1RapporteurSchedule of Bangkok ACP/WGN07 meeting
WGN07-IP03 Doc9705 SV3 Draft Ed4 - ATSMHS Technical provisions.zipIP3Rapporteur N3Updated technical provision for ATSMHS
WGN07-IP04 Doc9705 SV7 Draft Ed4 - ATN Directory Technical provisions.zipIP4Rapporteur N3Updated technical provision for ATN directory services
WGN07-FL01 Flimsy on ATN applications.docIP7Jean-Marc VacherReview of ATN SARPs - Flimsy 1
WGN07-IP08 FL02 Proposed changes to ATN SARPs version 3-2rev.docIP8SecretaryReview of ATN SARPs - Flimsy 2 - REVISION
WGN07-FL04 Flimsy on ATN applications_ULCS.docIP9Jean-Marc VacherReview of ATN SARPs - Flimsy 4
P684D006-3_0 D1 Application Requirement Analysis.pdfIP10Danny van RoosbroekEurocontrol A/G IP Study Deliverable D1 – Application Requirement Analysis
P684D007-3_0 D2 IPS Analysis.pdfIP11Danny van RoosbroekEurocontrol A/G IP Study : Deliverable D2 – IPS Analysis
P684D011-1_0 D3-D4 Mobility and Security in the FCS.pdfIP12Danny van RoosbroekEurocontrol A/G IP Study - Deliverable 3/4 - Mobility and Security
P684D013-1_0 D5-D6 The FCI Concept and Transition.pdfIP13Danny van RoosbroekEurocontrol A/G IP Study - Deliverable 5/6 - Concept and Transition
WGN07-IP15-FL05 Flimsy on update of SARPs.docIP15Jean-Marc VacherRevisions to ATN SARPs - Flimsy 5
WG 07 IP-16 Flimsy 3 mb_comments.xlsIP16Mark BrownComments on ATN/IPS Manual on detailed technical specifications