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WGN05-IP01_ WGN05 schedule.docIP01J.-Y PiramSchedule of Montréal ACP WGN05 meetings (May 2005)
WGN05-IP02_WGN04 Report.pdfIP02J.-Y PiramReport of WG N4 meeting
WGN05-IP03_FAA ATN architecture.docIP03Andy ColónFAA Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) architecture plan (AAP) overview
WGN05-IP04_Eurocae WG67 Report.docIP04Leon Sayadian (FAA)Report on the European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) Working Group 67 proceedings for Voice over Internet Protocol in Air Traffic Management
WGN05-IP05_GM on BUFR.wpdIP05Guidance material on BUFR codes
WGN05-IP05a_attachement to IP05.wpdIP05aAttachment to IP 5
WGN05-IP07_Eurocontrol-PM-CPDLC-Project.docIP07F. PicardResults from Eurocontrol PM-CPDLC SARPs validation
WGN05-IP10_ATNTTF report to WGN05.rtfIP10JapanReport on the Seventh Meeting of the ATN Transition Task Force of APANPIRG
WGN05-IP11_Overview of AEEC SEC CONOPS - 2005_04_19.pptIP11Vic PatelOverview of AEEC information security CONOPS
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ACP-wgn05-meeting report.pdfRPT1
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WGN05-WP01_agenda.docWP01J.Y. PiramDraft Agenda1
WGN05-WP02_list of WPs.docWP02J.Y. PiramList of working papers1
WGN05-WP05_SGN1 Report.docWP05Rapporteur SWGN1N1 Subgroup (Internet communications services) progress report
WGN05-WP06_SGN2 Report.docWP06Rapporteur SWGN2N2 Subgroup (air-ground applications) - progress report
WGN05-WP07.docWP07Rapporteur SWGN3N3 Subgroup (ground-ground applications) - progress report
WGN05-WP08 _SGN4 Report.docWP08Rapporteur SWGN4N4 Subgroup (security services) progress report
wgn05-wp09_draft WGN Rpt to WGW.docwp09J.Y. PiramProposed Report of WGN activities to the ACP/1 meeting
WGN05-WP10_Attachment 1_Inter ops test Japan STNA.zipWP10M. Brown and F. PicardContext Management and ATN security interoperability testing between ENRI and STNA
WGN05-WP11_REV1.docWP11A. ColónProposed TCP/IP protocol development to ICAO Document 9705/AN956, Manual of technical provisions for the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN)
WGN05-WP12_PM-FIS.docWP12AirbusFIS change proposal protecting end to end message exchanges by an application level integrity check as provided for protected mode CPDLC
WGN05-WP13-Status of the study of future ops conceps.docWP13B. Philips and J. PouzetThe status of the Future Communication Study, Operating Concepts and Requirements Work
WGN05-WP14_ComparisonIPv4 v IPV6.docWP14L SayadianComparison of Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) versus Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) for the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN)
WGN05-WP15_Use of TCP in ATN_Draft.docWP15Working Group NUse of Internet Protocols Suite (IPS) as a provision for aeronautical internetworking
WGN05-WP17_M5050003.txtWP17T. WhymanCPDLC does not meet Safety Requirements for Continental Airspace (Justification for PM-CPDLC)
WGN05-WP19_SGN2-PM-CPDLC-ValidationReport.docWP19SGN/2PM-CPDLC Validation Report
WGN05-WP20_Key Establishment at Application Start.docWP20FAAKey Establishment during Application Start
WGN05-WP21_High Level Cover Paper for PM-CPDLC.docWP21EUROCONTROLHigh level cover paper for PM-CPDLC
WGN05-WP22_CPDLC Message Sequencing Issues.docWP22EUROCONTROLCPDLC message sequencing issues
WGN05-WP23_PM-ADS.docWP23BoeingADS change proposal to add an application level integrity check as provided for Protected Mode CPDLC
WGN05-WP24 EUR_AMHS_use_Directory.docWP24Manuel GarcíaAMHS use of the X.500 Directory in Europe
WGN05-WP25 AMHS_TestAdresses.docWP25Klauspeter HaufIntroduction of standardised addresses for AMHS testing
WGN05-WP26 AMHS implementation profiles.zipWP26Jean-Marc VacherAMHS implementation profiles and subsetting rules
WGN05-WP27_work item for dev of TCP_ IP.docWP27L. JohnssonProposal for a work item to develop TCP/IP standards for the Aeronautical Communications Network