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SGN4-FL01 - Joint Subgroup Discussion on Application Level .pdfFL1T. McParlandJoint Air-Ground and Security Sub-Group discussion on application level security
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WGN04-IP01v2.docIP01J.-Y PiramSchedule of New Orleans ACP meeting
WGN04-IP02.docIP02L. Sayadian - K.KitchensEUROCAE-WG67- Voice over Internet Protocol for Air Traffic Management
WGN04-IP03-ICAO ACP WGN LINK STATUS IP03.pptIP03M. AdnamsLINK 2000+ Programme Update
WGN04-IP03-ACP WGN LINK 2000 Programme Update IP03.docIP03M. AdnamsLINK 2000+ - status presentation
WGN04-IP04.pptIP04V. PatelCPDLC National Deployment Program
WGN04-IP04_CPDLC_National_Deployment_Program.docIP04V. PatelCPDLC National Deployment Program / Presentation
WGN04-IP05_Update_on_AEEC_Infosec_WG_Activity.docIP05V. PatelUpdate on AEEC Information Security WG Activities - cover
WGN04-IP05-ACP-AEEC-STATUS-11-10-04.pptIP05V. PatelAEEC Information security - status / Presentation
WGN04-IP06-AMSG2-Report.zipIP06AMSGAMSG-02 – Progress Report
WGN04-IP07.docIP07t.b.d.FAA-JCAB ATN Router Interoperability Testing over VDL Mode 3 sub-networkt
WGN04-IP08.docIP08S. VatanavigkitMobile Communication in Thailand
WGN04-IP09.docIP09C. HeadATN Implementation Planning in the Asia/Pacific Region3
wgn04-dp01a.pdfIP10J.Y. PiramReport of the 3rd ACP / WGN Meeting, Montréal
WGN04-IP11.rtfIP11M. BrownAMHS Implementation status between Japan and USA
WGN04-IP12.docIP12S. TamaletAirbus FANS B project presentation
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Rereading_sheet_SARPs_FAA(LS).docMiscellaneous1Rereading sheet SARPs FAA (LS)
Rereading_sheet_SARPs_OKI(MB).docMiscellaneous2Rereading sheet SARPs OKI (MB
Rereading_sheet_SARPs_STNA(pv).docMiscellaneous3Rereading sheet SARPs STNA (pv)
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WGN04-WP01.docWP01J.Y. PiramDraft Agenda1
WGN04-WP02-V03.docWP02J.Y. PiramList of working papers1
WGN04-WP03 List of Attendees.docWP03J.Y. PiramList of participants1
WGN04-WP05.DOCWP05Rapporteur SWGN1N1 Subgroup (Internet communications services) progress report
WGN04-WP06-SGN2-Report.docWP06Rapporteur SWGN2N2 Subgroup (air-ground applications) - progress report
WGN04-WP08-rev1 - N4 Progress Report.pdfWP08Rapporteur SWGN4N4 Subgroup (security services) progress report
WGN04-WP09REVA-PM-CPDLC.zipWP09REVARapporteur SWGN2Proposed PM –CPDLC SARPs material
WGN04-WP10 IP SNDCF_ValidationReport.docWP10K. Kitchens/P.Vabre (SGN1)IP SNDCF Validation Report
WGN04-WP11 French IP SNDCF Validation Initiative.docWP11P.VabreFrench IP SNDCF Validation Initiative
WGN04-WP12.docWP12A. BurgemeisterScenario Comparison, Air/Ground Data communication
WGN04-WP13.docWP13M. AdnamsProposal for an Application Level Checksum
WGN04-WP14.docWP14M. AdnamsCPDLC change proposal protecting end-end message exchanges by an application level integrity check
WGN04-WP16 - Report on ATN Security PDRs.pdfWP16S. Blake-WilsonReport on ATN Security PDRs
WGN04-WP17 - Updated Version of Doc 9705.pdfWP17S. Blake-WilsonUpdated Version of Doc 9705 SV VIII
WGN04-WP18 - Application Level Security Considerations.pdfWP18T. McParlandApplication Level Security Considerations
WGN04-WP19 - Comments to Enhancements to Security ASO Servi.pdfWP19J. SimpkinsComments to “Enhancements to Security ASO Service Boundaries” (WGN03-WP13)
WGN04-WP20- Elimination of SESE.pdfWP20J. SimpkinsElimination of SESE
WGN04-WP21 - Application Security Solution for the ATN.pdfWP21S. Blake-WilsonApplication Security Solution for the ATN
WGN04-WP22 - Public Key Infrastructure for the ATN.pdfWP22S. Blake-WilsonPublic Key Infrastructure for the ATN
WGN04-WP23 - Issues with Direct Invocation of SSO by ATN Ap.pdfWP23J. SimpkinsIssues with Direct Invocation of SSO by ATN Applications
WGN04-WP24 - RF Security Requirements.zipWP24S. Blake-WilsonInitial Discussion of RF Security Requirements for FAA Future Communications Study - Integration of Safety and Security
WGN04-WP27 - De-Mystifying PKI.pdfWP27T. McParlandDemystifying PKI
WGN04-WP28.docWP28S. DashDevelopment of TCP/IP Protocol for Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) Ground-to-Ground Telecommunication Service
WGN04-WP29 Introduction to the EUR-AMHS Profile V2.0.docWP29D. Van Roosbroek /R. WillmottIntroduction to the EUR_AMHS Profile
WGN04-WP29-Annex 1 AMHS-TCP-IP Version 2.0c.docWP29D. Van Roosbroek /R. WillmottThe EUR AMHS Profile
WGN04-WP29-Annex2 EUR-AMHS Profile Presentation.pptWP29D. Van Roosbroek /R. WillmottPresentation slides
WGN04-WP30 Annex - Directory Survey Results.pptWP30D. Van Roosbroek /R. WillmottResults of a Directory Access protocol Survey
WGN04-WP30-Directory Survey.docWP30D. Van Roosbroek /R. WillmottPresentation slides
WGN04-WP31 FTBP Document Type Registration v 0.2.docWP31R. WillmottFile Transfer Body Part – Document Type Registrations1
WGN04-WP32 V1_0 - Decomposition of the Functionality of the.docWP32R. WillmottDefinition of AMHS Elements of Service and Functional Groups Proposal - Decomposition of the Functionality of the Global Minimum AMHS Profile
WGN04-WP34 CM Extensibility.docWP34T. KerrCM extensibility
WGN04-WP35 IP in EUR 1_0.docWP35t.b.dUse of IP Communications in Europe
WGN04-WP36-Security Issues.docWP36D. Van RoosbroekIssues with ATN UL Security Framework
WGN04-WP37 Cascade 1_1.docWP37D. Van RoosbroekCASCADE Applications
WGN04-WP40 Proposed_SARPs_for_the_IP_SNDCF (Issue_2.0).docWP40P. VabreProposed SARPs for the IP SNDCF
WGN04-WP41.docWP41S. TamaletIssues on the values of NSAP address ADM field
WGN04-WP42.docWP42S. TamaletAIRBUS concerns on proposed PM CPDLC SARPs
WGN04-WP43.docWP43J.M. VacherStatus of Sub-volume 3 PFR
WGN04-WP44.DOCWP44J.M. VacherContribution to Directory for ground-ground