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wgd10_01.pdfWP1Kors van den BoogaardAgenda WG D-101
wgd10_02.pdfWP2Kors van den BoogaardList of working papers1
wgd10_03.pdfWP3L. DeneufchatelAnalysis of criteria for VDL mode 2 frequency allocation and relation with airborne VDL mode 2 transmitter spectrum mask2
wgd10_04.pdfWP4Phil RandazzoFlight Test Plan for the Next Generation Air/Ground Communications System (NEXCOM) Digital Prototype Radio4
wgd10_05.pdfWP5Rick Beppel and Kevin LeonardWilliam J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC) Mode 3 Validation Test Results4
wgd10_06.pdfWP6B. Roturier, Beatrice ChateauA General Model for VHF Aeronautical Multipath Propagation Channel2
wgd10_07.pdfWP7B. Roturier, Beatrice ChateauAnomalous Propagation (Ducting) Effects in Aeronautical VHF Band2
wgd10_08.pdfWP8James T. EckFAA Vocoder evaluation/recommendation3
wgd10_09.pdfWP9T. Fujimori and M.UenoResults of Vocoder Evaluation in Japan3
wgd10_10.pdfWP10Potential Items for WG-B to Address Relative to the Physical Layer of the VDL SARPs (ICAO Annex 10, Vol III, Section 6)2
wgd10_11.pdfWP11Recommended VDL RF Transmitter Spectral Mask Modifications2
wgd10_12i.pdfWP12iDraft Manual on VHF Digital Link (VDL) Technical Specifications (i)4
wgd10_12ii.pdfWP12iiDraft Manual on VHF Digital Link (VDL) Technical Specifications (ii)4
wgd10_12iii.pdfWP12iiiDraft Manual on VHF Digital Link (VDL) Technical Specifications (iii)4
wgd10_13.pdfWP13Implementation Aspects for VDL Mode 3 System (Version 1.0)4
wgd10_14.pdfWP14Proposed material for Annex 10 Chapter 6, VHF Air-Ground Digital Link (VDL)4
wgd10_15.pdfWP15William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC) Mode 3 Validation Test Plan4
wgd10_16.pdfWP16GablesVHF Channel Labeling4
wgd10_17.pdfWP17BoeingBoeing VDL RF Technical Issues Comments on AMCP VDL RF Transmitter RF Spectral Mask Recommendations2
wgd10_18.pdfWP18BoeingBoeing Comments on IALPA VHF Channel Labeling Proposal4
wgd10_19.pdfWP19Judith Burki-CohenHow Complexity and Format of Air Traffic Control Instructions affect Pilot Recall4
wgd10_20.pdfWP20John MettropD8PSK Modulation Scheme – The Planning Criteria needed for it’s Introduction into the VHF Aeronautical Mobile (R) Band Based on the American Proposed Transmitter Mask – A Theoretical Study2
wgd10_21.pdfWP21John MettropPotential Problems Associated with Co-Located VDL and DSB-AM Radios - bbA Theoretical Study2
wgd10_22.pdfWP22Paul T.R. WangValidation of VDL Mode 3 MAC/DLS Systems Parameters4
wgd10_23.pdfWP23Nicolas FistasAssessment of the Vocoder Intelligibility of European Languages3
wgd10_24.pdfWP24VGS-11 Priority Levels for VDL Mode 45
wgd10_25.pdfWP25ADSPManual on Required Communication Performance Draft Revision 0.61
wgd10_26.pdfWP26Daniel MaurinoRecording Interference4
wgd10_27.pdfWP27Robert WitzenAMSS SARPs/6M Change Proposal Introduction of New Coder Type
wgd10_28.pdfWP28AWOP/16Report on Agenda Item 5
wgd10_29.pdfWP29ITUInternational Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Bureau TSB Circular 156