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wgc8_report.docPRT1Meeting Report
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WGC8 - WP01 - Draft agenda.docWP01SecretariatAgenda
WGC8 - WP02 - Analysis of Bands Proposed in Response to WRC07 Agenda Item 1.6.docWP02Mike BiggsAnalysis of bands proposed in Response to WRC‑07 Agenda Item 1.6
WGC8 - WP03 - Rev1 - Technologies.docWP03Philippe RenaudReport of the Technology Assessment Group
WGC8 - WP04 - Status of the future communication study.docWP04Brent Phillips/Philippe RenaudThe Status of the Future Communication Study
WGC8 - WP05 - AP17-04-WP04-v1[1].0.pdfWP05Brent Phillips/Philippe RenaudAction Plan 17: Future Communication Study Work Plan
WGC8 - WP06 - Ap17-04-TOR-v1[1].0.pdfWP06Brent Phillips/Philippe RenaudAction Plan 17: Future Communication Study: Terms of Reference
WGC8 - WP07 - Rev2 - Presentation - Joint FAA Eurocontrol future communications study.pptWP07Brent Phillips/Philippe RenaudJoint FAA/Eurocontrol Future Communications Study
WGC8 - WP08 - Preemption Methods in CDMA Systems.zipWP08Noaki KanadaPre-emption methods in CDMA systems
WGC8 - WP09 - Report of FAA-JCAB VDL Mode 3 Interoperability Testing.docWP09Satoshi KatoReport of FAA-JCAB VDL Mode 3 Interoperability Testing
WGC8 - WP10 - Assessment of Inmarsat Aero-BGAN services to support NexSAT requirements.zipWP10Philippe RenaudAssessment of Inmarsat Aero-BGAN service to support NexSAT requirements
WGC8 - WP11 - Wireless Broadband Solution – 802.16_20.docWP11Jocelyn DescaillotWireless Broadband Solution 802.16/20
WGC8 - WP12 - Lessons learnt from day to day voice Communication.docWP12Kors van den BoogaardLessons learnt from day to day voice communication
WGC8 - WP13 - Second draft - Inventory of Institutional elements.docWP13Kors van den BoogaardAn inventory of institutional elements
WGC8 - WP14 - DRAFT RF SARPS FOR UAT Rev3.2.pdfWP14George LiglerDraft RF SARPs Version 3.2
WGC8 - WP15 - Technical Manual on the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) Rev 2.3.pdfWP15George LiglerUAT Technical Manual Version 2.3
WGC8 - WP16 - Validation Cross Reference Index Rev2.2.pdfWP16George LiglerValidation Cross Reference Index Version 2.2
WGC8 - WP17 - UAT Introduction.pdfWP17George LiglerUAT Introduction
WGC8 - WP18 - UAT Validation Testing Activities.pdfWP18George LiglerUAT Validation activities
WGC8 - WP19 - UAT Implementation Manual - v05.pdfWP19George LiglerUAT implementation manual Version 0.5
WGC8 - WP20 - Draft Val Rpt for UAT SARPs v02.pdfWP20George LiglerDraft Validation Report for the UAT SARPs Version 0.2
WGC8 - WP21 - VISTA Study results.pptWP21Jens FederhenVision of Integration Satellite Technologies into Aviation
WGC8 - WP22 - VHF congestion in Europe - Status report.zipWP22EurocontrolVHF Congestion Status Report
WGC8 - WP23 - AUTOMATION-SFMS presentation.pptWP23EurocontrolSpectrum and Frequency Information Resource
WGC8 - WP24 - TOOLs-Joint meeting Presentation.pptWP24EurocontrolEurocontrol Software Tools for Frequency Planning and Management
WGC8 - WP25 - FCS Technology Assessment.zipWP25James Budinger and Phil PlattFAA/Eurocontrol FCS Technology Assessment
WGC8 - WP26 - INITIAL COMMUNICATION OPERATING CONCEPT AND REQUIREMENTS.zipWP26Greg AndersonThe Status of the Future Communication Study Operating Concepts and Requirements Work