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wgc3_report.zipPRT1Meeting Report
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wgc3_wp2_v2.docWP2Alain DelrieuReport to AMCP/8: Communication service requirements (Revised)7
wgc3_wp3.docWP3Philippe Crebassa(Revised version to be supplied) Report to AMCP/8: Present Situation7
wgc3_wp4.docWP4Philippe RenaudReport to AMCP/8: Future alternatives7
wgc3_wp5.docWP5Al BurgemeisterReport to AMCP/8: Operational Communication Requirements7
wgc3_wp6.docWP6Kors van den BoogaardReport to AMCP/8: Remaining chapters7
wgc3_wp7.docWP7Lindsay NorrishAnnex 10 Radiotelephony Procedures5
wgc3_wp8.docWP8Brent PhillipsSpectrum considerations for the UAT6
wgc3_wp9_1.docWP9Brent PhillipsStatus of RTCA UAT MOPS development (Cover page)6
wgc3_wp10.docWP10Brent PhillipsADS-B Candidate Link Developments Since the Issuance of the TLAT Report6
wgc3_wp11.docWP11Brent PhillipsRecent UAT Simulation Results (Cover page)6
wgc3_wp11_1.pptWP11Brent PhillipsRecent UAT Simulation Results (Powerpoint presentation)6
wgc3_wp12.docWP12Brent PhillipsComparison of the ADS-B Link Candidates-On the Non-Technical Aspects6
wgc3_wp13.docWP13Brent PhillipsProposed Draft SARPS Material for UAT6
wgc3_wp14.docWP14SecretarySCRSP Working Group B Response to the AMCP Request on the TLAT Report6
wgc3_wp15.docWP15Ph.RenaudInformation on Eurocontrol activities: Use of a keypad to select VHF frequencies in the aircraft R/T control panel11
wgc3_wp16.docWP16Ph.RenaudEurocontrol activities on future mobile communication systems6
wgc3_wp17.pptWP17Brent PhillipsInterference testing for support of UAT standards6
wgc3_wp18.docWP18Brent Phillips(Revised) MASPS for AMS(R)S Data Links2
wgc3_wp19.docWP19David FarncombeE-mail message from David Farncombe on UAT SARPs6
wgc3_wp20.docWP20SecretaryICAO State Letter ST 12/1-01/77 - Eleventh Air Navigation Conference (2003)7
wgc3_wp20_1.docWP20SecretaryAttachment B to ICAO State Letter ST 12/1-01/777
wgc3_wp21.docWP21Larry JohnsonTLAT NON CONCURRENT STATEMENT6
wgc3_wp22.docWP22Larry JohnsonUpdate on VDL Mode 4 activities within the NEAN Update Programme (NUP) Phase II1
wgc3_wp23.docWP23Brent PhillipsStatus of RTCA activities2
wgc3_wp24.docWP24Shigeki MatsudaAMSS voice configuration for MTSAT system4
wgc3_wp25.pdfWP25Shigeki MatsudaAirport vehicle positioning system6
wgc3_wp26.docWP26Brent PhillipsResponse to technical points in paper AMCP WG-C/2 WP306