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wgc7_report.docPRT1Meeting Report
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wgc7_wp1.docWP1SecretaryDraft agenda and schedule
wgc7_wp2.docWP2Eleuterio EstebanResearch on future aeronautical communication systems based on DS-CDMA
wgc7_wp3.docWP3Mike BiggsACP WGC strategy for addressing WRC-07 agenda item 1.6
wgc7_wp4.docWP4SecretaryDraft ICAO position on WRC 2007 agenda item 1.6
wgc7_wp5.docWP5Michael SchnellLOverview on B-VHF
wgc7_wp6.pdfWP6E. Haas / M. SchnellB-VHF system concept
wgc7_wp7.pdfWP7Yasuto SumiyaConcept of self-synchronized automatic dependent surveillance
wgc7_wp8.docWP8Alvin H. BurgemeisterPacketized Voice: a new communications concept for air traffic control
wgc7_wp9.pptWP9Alvin H. BurgemeistrPacket voice radio
wgc7_wp10.pdfWP10George LiglerDraft RF SARPs for UAT
wgc7_wp11.pdfWP11George LiglerTechnical Manual on the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT); revision 1.2
wgc7_wp12.pdfWP12George LiglerDRAFT Validation Cross Reference Index for the UAT SARPs and Technical Manual version 1.12 (20 February March 2004)
wgc7_wp13.pdfWP13---Implementation Manual for the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT); Rev. 0.3
wgc7_wp14.docWP14--Survey about the use of TCP/IP internetworking for aeronautical communications
wgc7_wp15Rev1.docWP15Philippe RenaudReport of the Technology assessment Group
wgc7_wp16.zipWP16Brent Phillips/Philippe RenaudFAA / EUROCONTROL Action plan 17: future communications study
wgc7_wp17.docWP17Philippe RenaudInformation paper on CLIMAX/8.33 Study performed by EUROCONTROL
wgc7_wp18.zipWP18Philippe RenaudRequirements for a world-wide Aeronautical Mobile Satellite (R) Service
wgc7_wp19.docWP19EurocontrolVHF AM(R)S spectrum evolution in Europe
wgc7_wp20.docWP20Alain DelrieuSome considerations regarding the future WRC-2007, agenda point 1.6 and specifically its first part dealing with the need for additional spectrum allocations to the aeronautical mobile service (route)
wgc7_wp21 IATA Rec.docWP21Kors Van Den BoogaardData communication recording requirements
wgc7_wp22 Institu.docWP22Kors Van Den BoogaardAn inventory of institutional elements
wgc7_wp23 Roadmap.docWP23Kors Van Den BoogaardThe road map
wgc7_wp24 R03-TG1[1].8-C-0059!!MSW-E.docWP24SecretaryReport of the second meeting of ITU-R Task Group 1/8 (Geneva, 27-31 October 2003)
wgc7_wp25=wgf11_wp8_ITU-R_WP8B_Report.zipWP25SecretaryResults of ITU-R WP 8B meeting 25 November – 2 December 2003
wgc7_wp26 IATA_Brussels_VHF Briefing.pptWP26Don WillisAssessment of radio spectrum depletion in the US in the VHF COM Band
wgc7_wp27_nexcom status.pptWP27Jim EckNext Generation Air/Ground Communication System (NEXCOM)
WGC7-WP28 Pre Comm Rqmts.docWP28Brent PhilipsPreliminary requirements for an Air/Ground communication system