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wgc6_report.docPRT1Meeting Report
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WP601.docWP1SecretariatDraft agenda and schedule
WP602.docWP2EurocontrolEvolution of the AM(R)S VHF capacity in the ECAC States
WP603.docWP3EurocontrolGlobal Air Navigation Plan for CNS/ATM systems (ICAO Doc 9750, 2nd edition)
WP604.docWP4EurocontrolSummary of EUROCONTROL activities on wide band terrestrial systems
WP605.docWP5EurocontrolOverview of the EUROCONTROL NexSAT project
WP606.zipWP6EurocontrolMission requirements for NexSAT
WP607.docWP7EurocontrolStatus and review of the emerging satellite communication technologies
WP608.docWP8EurocontrolInstitutional and business model aspects for a new satellite communication system
WP609.docWP9EurocontrolPossible WG-C involvement in responding to the WRC03 Resolutions 415 (formerly COM7/7) and 803 (formerlyCOM7/B) related to satellite communications-ECTL
WP610.docWP10EurocontrolCo-ordination between ACP WG-M and WG-C
WP611.pdfWP11EurocontrolPress bulletin European Air Traffic/ PDF file
WP612.docWP12BoeingBoeing position paper on VDLM4
WP613.docWP13Rockwell CollinsEvolving technology and the impact on communications infrastructure
WP614.docWP14Rockwell CollinsImpact of technology migrations
WP615.docWP15UAT Sub groupDraft RF SARPs for UAT revision 1.6
WP616.docWP16UAT Sub groupUAT SARPS validation plan V0.3
WP617.docWP17UAT Sub groupTechnical manual on the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT); Rev. 0.6
WP618.docWP18UAT Sub groupDRAFT Validation Cross Reference Index
WP619.pptWP19AlcatelSDLS (Satellite Data Link System)
WP620.docWP20UAT Sub groupAnalysis of UAT performance in the terminal environment in core Europe 2015
WP621.docWP21UAT Sub groupContinuation of TIS-B hotspot analysis for UAT in core Europe 2015
WP622.zipWP22SecretaryReport of Committee B to the conference on agenda item 7
WP623.docWP23BoeingFuture communications systems -Connexion
WP624.docWP24DLRB-VHF project within the 6th framework program of EC
WP625.docWP25SecretaryFuture work of ACP working group C
WP626.docWP26EurocontrolProcess for an AM(R)S allocation for new terrestrial system
WP627.pdfWP27Air Traffic AllianceVision of Integrating satellite technology in aviation
WP628.pptWP28IridiumGeneral Dynamics decision systems and Iridium communications
WP629.pptWP29AirbusAirbus work on VDL Mode 4
WP630.docWP30SecretaryOngoing WGM work on AMS(R)S SARPs
WP631.docWP31ESAAdvanced study to identify the potential role of satellites in ATC systems in the 2020 and beyond timeframe
WP632.docWP32SecretaryFuture communication systems, spectrum availability
WP633.docWP33UK CAA8.33 kHz climax operations in Europe
WP634.pdfWP34UAT SubgroupAir ground determination
WP635.docWP35AirbusAirbus on VDL Mode 4
WP636.pdfWP36UAT SubgroupUAT Implementation Manual
WP637Rev1.pdfWP37Rev1EurocontrolSpurious emission requirements for the UAT SARPs
WP638.docWP38BoeingFCC NPRM on UAT
WP639.pdfWP39FAAADS-B diplexer
WP640.pdfWP40FAAUpdate analysis of spectral depletion in the VHF air/ground radio band (coordination draft)
WP641.pptWP41FAAAssessment of radio spectrum depletion of ATC voice communications