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wgc5_report.zipPRT1Meeting Report
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wgc5_IP2.docIP2Satoshi KatoVDL Mode 2 physical layer validation test
wgc5_IP3.docIP3Shuuji TakahashiAirport vehicle position system (AVPS)5
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wgc5_wp2.docWP2SecretaryGlobal air navigation plan for CNS/ATM systems (ICAO Doc 9750, 2nd edition)
wgc5_wp3.docWP3SecretaryComparative analysis of ADS-B data links; guidelines for preparatory work
wgc5_wp4.docWP4Philippe RenaudProposed new Chapter 10 of report to AMCP/8
wgc5_wp5.docWP5Philippe RenaudProposed new Chapter 11 of report to AMCP/8 (Rev. 1)
wgc5_wp6_rev1.docWP6SecretaryProposed changes to draft report to AMCP/8 on communication scenarios
wgc5_wp8.zipWP8SecretaryAMCP Memo 19
wgc507.docWP7Mike BiggsInternational Telecommunication Union issues regarding the Universal Access Transceiver
wgc509.docWP9Philippe RenaudNext Generation Satellite Communication Systems
wgc510.docWP10Chris MoodyDraft RF SARPs for UAT (Revision 0.2)
wgc511.docWP11UAT SG RapporteurReport of iInitial teleconference for UAT subgroup
wgc512.docWP12UAT SG RapporteurDraft terms of reference for UAT subgroup
wgc513.docWP13Larry BachmanUAT technical assessment
wgc514.docWP14UAT SG RapporteurRequirements and desirable features for the universal access transceiver (UAT)
wgc515.docWP15Kors van den BoogaardAMCP/8 report; Non-ATS communications
wgc516.docWP16Larry JohnsonMethods for evaluation of ADS-B data links3
wgc517.docWP17A. IshideA new concept of satellite-base ADS5
wgc518.zipWP18UAT SG RapporteurEmail comments received on UAT draft SARPS v.024