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wgc4_report.docPRT1Meeting Report
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wgc4_flimsy1.docFLIMSY1Philippe RenaudDiscussion regarding application of 5.357A and Resolution 222 (tobe liaised to CPG)-
wgc4_flimsy2.txtFLIMSY2Kors van den BoogaardText on tandem vocoders1
wgc4_flimsy3.docFLIMSY3Alain DelrieuWork Plan toward drafting Chapter 8 and 94
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wgc4_ip1.pdfIP1SecretaryHotel information-
wgc4_ip2.zipIP2Ph.RenaudBackground Information on Mobile Communication ATM Operating Concept D1 (*** PLEASE NOTE: Draft version to be used only as background to WP4***)4
wgc4_ip3.docIP3S.KatoVDL Mode 2 Physical Layer Validation Test1
wgc4_IP4.docIP4Brent PhillipsInitial Meeting of the UAT SARPs Validation Sub-Group-
wgc4_IP5.zipIP5Jim BrownSoftware Communications Architecture for Commercial Airborne Applications (Rev.1)
wgc4_IP6.pptIP6Philippe RenaudMost Probable Satellite Communications Operating Concept for ECAC and other regions of the World
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wgc4_wp1.docWP1RapporteurDraft agenda and schedule of the meeting-
wgc4_wp2.docWP2RapporteurDraft WGC Report to AMCP/8: "Communication scenarios from present until and beyond 2010"4
wgc4_wp3.docWP3Ph.RenaudSatellite Safety communication activities4
wgc4_wp4.docWP4Ph.RenaudComments on WP24
wgc4_wp5rev1.docWP5REV1Shigeki MasudaMTSAT; Hot stand-by satellite system4
wgc4_wp6.docWP6Kors van den BoogaardProposal for chapter 12: Radio Spectrum Allocation4
wgc4_wp7.zipWP7Philippe RenaudSatellite Safety communication Operating Concept4
wgc4_wp8.docWP8Claude LoisyChapter 12 Institutional Aspects4
wgc4_wp9.docWP9Alain DelrieuChapter 9: Aeronautical communications service requirements4
wgc4_wp10.docWP10Alain DelrieuDNA air-ground radio-communications policy for the next decade8 & 13
wgc4_wp11.zipWP11SecretaryAir Traffic Management operational Concept Panel (ATMCP)4
wgc4_wp12.docWP12Alain DelrieuSpectrum considerations for the universal access transceiver (UAT)-
wgc4_wp13.docWP13Stephen HeppeIntellectual Property Rights on VHF Data Link Mode 44
wgc4_wp14.zipWP14SecretaryAppC. Requirements and desirable features for a future ATS air-ground communication system4