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wgc2_report.pdfPRT1Meeting Report
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wgc2_wp2.docWP2Brent PhillipsConsideration for the Need for UAT SARPS
wgc2_wp3.docWP3Brent PhillipsADS-B Link Alternatives Assessment
wgc2_wp4.docWP4Brent PhillipsStatus of UAT MOPS Development
wgc2_wp4_Attachment.pdfWP4Brent PhillipsAttachment to WP 4 [Recreation of the letter from Steven Zaidman to the RTCA, dated June 2, 2000]
wgc2_wp5.docWP5Brent PhillipsUAT distinctions from TLAT report
wgc2_wp6.docWP6Brent PhillipsStatus of the FAA's Capstone Program
wgc2_wp7.docWP7Al BurgemeisterAMSS System Parameters for a Non-Safety Service
wgc2_wp8.docWP8Shigeki MasudaVDL Implementation Programs
wgc2_wp9.docWP9Shigeki MasudaFunctions and Current Status of MTSAT
wgc2_wp10.docWP10A. IshideSimulation of log-on rush at the event of satellite failure
wgc2_wp11.docWP11T. FujimoriENRI's VDL study and related activities
wgc2_wp12.docWP12SecretaryRequired Communication Performance: Status of development within OPLINKP
wgc2_wp12_Attachment_1.pdfWP12SecretaryExtract from AMCP WGC1 Report - Communique to OPLINKP WGC
wgc2_wp12_Attachment_2.pdfWP12SecretaryExtract from OPLINKP WGC report (March 2001)
wgc2_wp14.docWP14RapporteurCommunication scenarios from present until and beyond 2010
wgc2_wp15.docWP15RapporteurAction Item List WG-C dated 22 December 2000
wgc2_wp16.docWP16Shigeki MasudaAvailability for AMS(R)S
wgc2_wp17.docWP17SecretaryCommunique from ATNP to other panels
wgc2_wp18.pptWP18Brent PhillipsFindings of the ADS-B Technical Link Assessment Team
wgc2_wp19.docWP19RapporteurProposed liaison statement to ATMCP
wgc2_wp20.docWP20Claude LoisyA future SATCOM system dedicated to civil aviation air/ground safety communications
wgc2_wp21.pptWP21Claude LoisySatellite data link systems (SLDS)
wgc2_wp22.docWP22Philippe RenaudEUROCAE Standardisation activities
wgc2_wp23.docWP23Philippe RenaudEurocontrol Activities on Future Mobile Communication Systems
wgc2_wp24.docWP24Mike Biggs5 GHz Aviation Applications
wgc2_wp25.pptWP25Mike BiggsPreserving the 5 GHz Aviation Band
wgc2_wp26.pptWP26Alain DelrieuThe E-TDMA concept - Towards a new VDL strategy: Some key issues & possible way forward
wgc2_wp27.pptWP27Brent Phillips[to be supplied] NEXCOM
wgc2_wp28.docWP28Alain DelrieuEUROCAE specifications of safety related communication requirements in high air-traffic density airsapace to be met by a future AMSS - Draft 2
wgc2_wp29.docWP29Al BurgermeisterAvailability and continuity of service parameter definitions from the draft RTCA MASPs
wgc2_wp29_A.docWP29Appendix A
wgc2_wp29_B.docWP29Appendix B
wgc2_wp29_Ballot_Appendix_C.docWP29Appendix C
wgc2_wp29_MASPS_60.docWP29Appendix D
wgc2_wp30.docWP30Larry JohnsonConcerns about the proposed standardization of UAT