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ACP-WGC11-Final Meeting Report - Sept 2006.docRPT1Final Meeting Report
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ACP-WGC11-WP01-Draft agenda.docWP1SecretariatDraft Agenda
ACP-WGC11-WP02-Brief 1 - Phase II Results Overview.pptWP2Glen Dyer, Tricia Gilbert and James BudingerPresentation on Future Communications Study Technology Assessment: Outcome of Phase II Activities5, 6
ACP-WGC11-WP03-Brief 2 - Suggested Phase III Activities-updated.pptWP3Glen Dyer, Tricia Gilbert and James BudingerPresentation on Future Communications Study Technology Assessment: Suggested Phase III Activities5, 6
ACP-WGC11-WP04-Brief 3 - Detailed Studies Results.pptWP4Glen Dyer, Tricia Gilbert and James BudingerPresentation on Future Communications Study Technology Assessment: Outcome of Detailed Technology Investigations5, 6
ACP-WGC11-WP05-FCS_status.zipWP5Jacky Pouzet and Brent PhillipsFuture Communications Study Overview and Status5
ACP-WGC11-WP06-Rev1-FCS_roadmap.zipWP6Jacky Pouzet and Brent PhillipsFuture Communications Study Roadmap5
ACP-WGC11-WP07 - FCS Technology Invest Phase II Results Overview.docWP7Glen Dyer, Tricia Gilbert and James BudingerFCS Phase II Results Paper 1 – Overview of Technology Investigation Results5, 6
ACP-WGC11-WP08 - FCS Phase III Technology Studies.docWP8Glen Dyer, Tricia Gilbert and James BudingerFCS Phase II Results Paper 2 – FCS Technology Investigation Phase III Plans5, 6
ACP-WGC11-WP09 - FCS Phase II Detailed Investigations.docWP9Glen Dyer, Tricia Gilbert and James BudingerFCS Phase II Results Paper 3 - Detailed Technology Investigations5, 6
ACP-WGC11-WP10-B-VHF_AGCFG_FinalResults_FRQ_10_reduced.pdfWP10Christoph Rihacek and Michael SchnellB-VHF – Final Study Results5
ACP-WGC11-WP11-NEWSKY_AGCFG20060919.pptWP11Michael Schnell and Sandro ScaliseNEWSKY – NEtWorking the SKY for aeronautical communications5
ACP-WGC11-WP12-STAR_AGCFG_190906_1.pptWP12Bernard MEURICHESecure ATM CDMA Software Defined Radio (STAR)5
ACP-WGC11-WP13-Status of ITU-R Work On Agenda Item 1.6.pptWP13Mike BiggsStatus of ITU-R Work On Agenda Item 1.68
ACP-WGC11-WP14-COCR for Sept 2006_pp2 GA mod.pptWP14Brent Phillips and Soren DissingCOCR - Status and Next Steps5
ACP-WGC11-WP15-IP Study Presentation 19-09-06v2.pptWP15Carsten UnderbjergStudy into IPS Suitability for Air-Ground ATM Communication3
ACP-WGC11-WP16-Air-Ground_IPS_Study.pptWP16Brent PhillipsStudy on Air/Ground Communications using the Internet Protocol Suite (IPS)3
ACP-WGC11-WP17-ICAO_input_ITU-R_WP8B_FCS_spectrum.zipWP17SecretariatICAO Input Documents to ITU-R WP8B on FCS spectrum issues8
ACP-WGC11-WP18-ICAO_input_ITU-R_WP8D_SATCOM_spectrum.docWP18SecretariatICAO Input Document to ITU-R WP8D on SATCOM spectrum issues8
ACP-WGC11-WP19-Presentation 802.16.pptWP19Luc DeneufchatelWireless Standards adaptation5
ACP-WGC11-WP20-Iridium Subgroup Overview 19 September 2006.pptWP20Bob Kerczewski and Mike MezaACP Working Group M Iridium Sub Group Overview3
ACP-WGC11-WP21-DSNA_Investigation Framework for L-Band FCS Spectrum Compatibility Analysis.pptWP21Luc DeneufchatelInvestigation framework for L-band FCS EMC compatibility analysis5
ACP-WGC11-WP22-ECTL_Flexible Airborne Architecture_v01.pptWP22Nikos Fistas and Phil PlattFlexible Airborne Architecture5
ACP-WGC11-WP23-ECTL_Step 2 investigations_v02.pptWP23Jacky PouzetFCI Technology Assessment - Step 2 Process6
ACP-WGC11-WP24-ECTL_Wideband_Simulations_19september_V1.pptWP24Luc LommaertWideband Simulation Results5
ACP-WGC11-WP25-ENRI_Self_synchronized_ADS.zipWP25Yasuto Sumiya and Akira IshideSelf-synchronized IP Network3, 5
ACP-WGC11-WP26-ESA_CNES_satcom for atm study.zipWP26Claude LoisyESA/CNES Satcom for Air Traffic Management5
ACP-WGC11-WP27-ETDMA Study results network  integration.pptWP27Luc DeneufchatelIntegration of ETDMA sub-network within an ATN/IP network5
ACP-WGC11-WP28-NASA_ACAST MMDA Brief Overview ICAO ACP WGC-11 09.2006.pptWP28James BudingerMulti-Function Multi-mode Digital Avionics (MMDA)5
ACP-WGC11-WP29-QQ_Step 2 evaluation scenarios_v02.pptWP29Phil Platt and Nikos FistasFRS Technology Assessment - Step 2 – Common Traffic Scenarios5, 6
ACP-WGC11-WP30-SESAR Part 1 2 new (JF).pptWP30Jens FederhenSESAR definition phase4
ACP-WGC11-WP31-P34_Overview.pptWP31James Budinger and Glen DyerP34 Overview5, 6
ACP-WGC11-WP32-SESAR - Part 3 (CDS)won.pptWP32Jens FederhenSESAR position on ATM Communication Technologies and future trends4
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ACP-WGC11-IP01-Time schedule.docIP1SecretariatTime schedule for discussions
ACP-WGC11-IP03-ECTL Information.docIP3Nikos FistasMeeting information
ACP-WGC11-IP04-WG67_VoIP.docIP4John MacBrideEUROCAE Working Group 67 activities on VoIP for ATM3
ACP-WGC11-IP05 - anconf11_ai7_wp202_en.pdfIP5SecretariatAN-Conf/11 - Report on Agenda Item 7: Aeronautical air-ground and air-to-air communications
ACP-WGC11-IP06-WG-C_tasks.docIP6SecretariatWG-C tasks as agreed by ACP WG of the Whole, June 2005
ACP-WGC11-IP07-UAV.docIP7SecretariatICAO Exploratory Meeting on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)3
ACP-WGC11-IP08-Formulation_of_SARPs.docIP8SecretariatStatus of the ICAO policy on the formulation of Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs)7
ACP-WGC11-IP09-NATS 8.33kHz channel spacing issue 1.docIP9John MacBrideCurrent and planned progress of 8.33 kHz channel spacing implementation by NATS3
ACP-WGC11-IP10-classic aero status.docIP10Gary ColledgeStatus of the classic aero system and recent Inmarsat developments3