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ICAO ACP WGC10 - Meeting Report - March 2006.docRPT1Meeting report
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WGC10-WP01-Draft agenda.docWP1SecretariatDraft Agenda
WGC10-WP02-B-VHF.zipWP2Michael SchnellB-VHF Current Achievements and Outlook4
WGC10-WP03-NEWSKY.zipWP3Michael SchnellNEWSKY A concept for NEtWorking the SKY for civil aeronautical communications4
WGC10-WP04-COCR V1.0.pdfWP4Brent Phillips and Jacky PouzetFuture Communication Study Operating Concepts and Requirements5, 7
WGC10-WP05-Screening Criteria.zipWP5James BudingerSuggested technology screening criteria4
WGC10-WP06-TAG Activities.zipWP6James BudingerFuture communications study technology assessment activities and progress4
WGC10-WP07-OPLINKP.RCP.material.zipWP7SecretariatStatus of required communication performance (RCP)3
WGC10-WP08-Feasibility study of CDMA technology for ATC.pdfWP8Shuji TakahashiA feasibility study of CDMA technology for ATC4
WGC10-WP09-NewADSimulatorDevelopPlan.pdfWP9Shuji TakahashiDevelopment Program of Simulator for New Generation Aeronautical Satellite Communication System using IP in Japan4
WGC10-WP10-ETDMA.zipWP10Luc DeneufchatelUpdate on the ETDMA concept4
WGC10-WP11-FAA-Euro Action Plan Update.docWP11Brent Phillips and Jacky PouzetJoint FAA/Eurocontrol Cooperative R&D 2006 Annual Research Work Plan Updates5
WGC10-WP12-COCR update.zipWP12Gregg Anderson and Danny Van RoosbroekUpdate on AP-17 - Communications Operating Concept and Requirements for the Future Radio System5
WGC10-WP13-ECTLTechnology Shortlist.zipWP13Nikos FistasFuture Communications Infrastructure: Development of technology shortlist for further investigations4
WGC10-WP14-ECTL BW Calculation.zipWP14Nikos FistasSpectrum requirments7
WGC10-WP15-ECTL_833_Frequency Congestion.zipWP15Nikos FistasUpdate on VHF COM band congestion in Europe2
WGC10-WP16-ECTLActivities_v2.zipWP16Jacky PouzetSESAR presentation3
WGC10-WP17-ECTL Flexible Airborne Architecture.zipWP17Nikos FistasFlexible airborne architecture4
WGC10-WP18-ECTL SBB.pptWP18Nikos FistasSwift broadband4
WGC10-WP19-ICAO-Doc-ITU- 5GHz.docWP19SecretariatFuture use of the band 5000 - 5150 MHz7
WGC10-WP20-FCS Required Bandwidth Preliminary Analysis.pptWP20James Budinger and Glen DyerFirst Order Analysis of Required Bandwidth for the Next-Generation Aeronautical Data Link7
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WGC10-IP01-Proposed time schedule for discussion.docIP1SecretariatProposed time schedule for discussions
WGC10-IP02-Task list from WGC9.docIP2SecretariatTask list as agreed at WGC-9 meeting2
WGC10-IP03-WP template.docIP3SecretariatWorking paper template
WGC10-IP04-Comparative link budgets L and C band.docIP4Luc DeneufchatelComparison of Typical Air/Ground Aeronautical Communication System Propagation Losses in the L band and the C band7
WGC10-IP05-Interference susceptibilities 960 - 1215 MHz.docIP5Luc DeneufchatelInterference Susceptibilities of Aeronautical Systems Operating in the 960-1215 MHz Band - Application to the Compatibility Analysis of the Future Communication System4
WGC10-IP06-SITA AIRCOM satellite infrastructure.docIP6SITAUpdate on SITA AIRCOM Satellite network infrastructure3