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wgc1_report.docPRT1Meeting Report
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NUP.pdfPresentationNEAN update programme (NUP) Phase II
UatBrf.pdfPresentationUniversal access transceiver - system description
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WG1_WP02.docWP2RapporteurList of working papersAll
WG1_WP03.docWP3AMCP/5Future operational and systems concept explorationAll
WG1_WP04.pdfWP4Future work WG C-
WG1_WP05.docWP5United StatesProposed new work programme for AMCP6
WG1_WP06.docWP6Yasuyoshi NakataniNew ICAO aeronautical services concept4
WG1_WP07.pdfWP7Comments on draft RCP concept version 1.19
WG1_WP08.docWP8FAA - United StatesConcept of required communication performance4
WG1_WP09.docWP9EurocontrolWorking Group C activities6
WG1_WP10.docWP10Brent PhillipsReview of Radio Telephony procedures6
WG1_WP11.docWP11Brent PhillipsFuture systems: UAT7
WG1_WP12 - amcp.5.wp.004.3.en.docWP12The development of data links for surveillance applications Appendix A and B11
WG1_WP12 - amcp.5.wp.004.3.AppA.en.docWP12 Appendix AAMCP/5Appendix A11
WG1_WP12 - amcp.5.wp.004.3.AppB.en.docWP12 Appendix BAppendix B11
WG1_WP13 - amcp.5.wp.005.3.en.docWP13The development of data links for navigation applications11
WG1_WP13 - amcp.5.wp.005.3.App.en.docWP13 AppendixAppendix A - Navigation datalinks11
WG1_WP14 - amcp.5.wp.006.4.App.en.docWP14Report on the assessment of CNS digital links11
WG1_WP15.docWP15K. Van den BoogaardVHF needs beyond 20108
WG1_WP16.docWP16P. RenaudNeed to start work in considering new com systems in non VHF band7,8,12
WG1_WP17.docWP17P. RenaudProgress on Wireless Gatelink7
WG1_WP18.docWP18Don WillisVHF needs beyond 2010 and future VHF frequency selection/usage8
WG1_WP19.docWP19Kris HutchisonThe use of broadband communications to support aeronautical applications7
WG1_WP20.docWP20Larry JohnssonVDL Mode 4 supporting COM applications7
WG1_WP21.docWP21Claude LoisyFuture systems: Satcom7
WG1_WP23.docWP23OPLINKConcept of required communication performance (RCP) Version 1.44
WS_FTP.LOGWP24Use of air-ground vocoders in tandem with ground-ground vocoders10
WG1_WP25.docWP25Al H. BurgemeisterStatus of United States 2 GHz Mobile Satellite Proceedings7
WG1_WP26.docWP26Brent PhilipsStatus of related activities in other fora12
WG1_WP27.docWP27Chris MoodyExample requirements for future communication system for the purpose of exploring band options11
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