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ACP-WGB20-Final Report.docRPT1Meeting Report0
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WGB20-WP01-Draft Agenda.docWP1RapporteurDraft Agenda0
ACP-WGB20-WP02-gsm.zipWP2John MettropGSM on-board aircraft - update on the European situation and issues to be addressed0
ACP-WGB20-WP03-UWB.zipWP3John MettropUltra wideband (UWB) - update on the European situation and testing carried out within the UK0
ACP-WGB20-WP04-ICAO comments on RA6(06)04 Draft Decision GSM on board aircraft Rev1.docWP4SecretariatICAO comments on the text for a Draft ECC Decision on the use of airborne GSM systems0
ACP-WGB20-WP05-Frequency_Planning_Criteria_Rev5.docWP5Robert FrazierFrequency Assignment Planning Criteria for VDL Mode 30
ACP-WGB20-WP06-Frequency planning criteria VM4.zipWP6Larry JohnssonRecommendations for frequency planning criteria for VDL Mode 40
ACP-WGB20-WP07-VM4 co-site.zipWP7Larry JohnssonOperational experience of operating VDL Mode 4 on-board aircraft0
ACP-WGB20-WP08-VM4 activities.zipWP8Larry JohnssonVDL Mode 4 implemenation status in Sweden0
ACP-WGB20-WP09-VM4 ProgressReport V1.3.docWP9Patrick DelhaiseBrief VDL 4 progress report0