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WP-1-WG B-19-Agenda.docWP1AgendaRapporteurAll0
WP-2-WG B-19_List of Participants.docWP2List of participantsRapporteur30
WP-3-WG B-19_List of Working Papers.docWP3List of working papersRapporteur30
WP-4-WG B-19_List of Action Items.docWP4List of action  itemsRapporteur40
WP-5-WG B-19_Japan_Report of VDL Mode 3 Voice Quality Tests.docWP5Report of VDL Mode 3 quality tests with radio interferenceYasuyoshi Nakatani40
WP-6-WG B-19_ draft report of the 17th Meeting of ACP Working Group B.docWP6Draft report of the 17th meeting of WG BRapporteur40
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IP-1-WG B-19-VDL_4_ workprogramv11b.docIP1VDL Mode 4 work program at EurocontrolEurocontrol0
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FLIMSY_1_WG B-19_.docFlimsy1Summary of activities of ACP WG B in 2004 (extract from ACP Memo 2)Secretary0
FLIMSY_2_WG B-19_TestResultComparison.docFlimsy2Comparison of test results based on PESQ, BER and S/PYasuyoshi Nakatani0