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WGB1707.docRPT1Report of the 15th Meeting of ACP Working Group B0
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WP-2_List of Participants.docWP2RapporteurList of participantsAll0
WP-3_List of Working Papers.docWP3RapporteurList of working papersAll0
WGB1704.docWP4RapporteurList of action items-0
WGB1705.docWP5United StatesVDL Mode 3 onboard interference summary60
WGB1706.docWP6Yasuyoshi NakataniReport of FAA-JCAB VDL mode 3 interoperability testing40
Report of 17th Meeting of WG B - Final (R2).docWP7A. DedryvereRadio interference90
WGB1708.docWP8FAA - United StatesVDL Mode 3 to VDL Mode 3 interference testing40
WGB1709.zipWP9Working paper 9 in zipped  format0
wgb1709.docWP9EurocontrolAssessment of VDL Mode 2 co-site interference in Link 2000+ framework60
WGB1711.docWP11EurocontrolUpdated plan for frequency testing of VDL Mode 4 for the development of frequency planning criteria50
WGB1712.docWP12FAA, Eurocontrol, DGAC, ICAO and IATAProposal for an international framework for radio interference information system0
WGB1713.pdfWP13WG BFrequency assignment planning criteria for VDL Modes 2, 3 and 4 (as agreed at WG B-16)0
WGB17WP14_ACP STC Flight Summary.docWP14FAACertification of VDL Mode 3 on an airlines aircraft30
WGB17WP15_VM4_CositeInvestigations_v10_withAttachments.pdfWP15EurocontrolVDL Mode-4 co-site Interference Investigations: status report30
WGB17WP16_VDL4_cositeinv.pptWP16EurocontrolVDL Mode 4 co-site Investigations30
WG17WP17_CO-site-scenario.pptWP17VDL Mode 4 co-site investigations - co-site interference scenarios0
WGB17WP18_wgb17_wp11_VDL Opertional requirements criteria.pdfWP18EurocontrolVDL Mode-2 operational requirement criteria30
WGB17WP19_VDL4_simulations.pptWP19EurocontrolVDL Mode-4 performance simulator (DLS enhancements): status report30