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Report CLEAN of the 16th Meeting of ACP Working Group B.docRPT1Report of the 15th Meeting of ACP Working Group B0
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WGB16-WP03.docWP3RapporteurList of working papers0
WGB16-WP04-app.pdfWP4SecretaryANC-Conf/11-WP/198 (Appendix to the report - Scenario diagrams)0
WGB16-WP05-add.pdfWP5SecretaryANC-Conf/11-WP/207 (Statement by IATA delegation)0
WGB16-WP06.pdfWP6SecretaryANC-Conf/11-WP/202 (Report of Committee B to the Conference on agenda item 7)0
WGB16-WP07.rtfWP7FranceFrench proposal to progress ICAO technical material on radio frequency interfence0
WGB16-WP08.zipWP8EurocontrolVDL Mode 4 airborne architecture study; Deliverable D3.2; Radio frequency analysis0
WGB16-WP09.docWP9SecretaryAnalysis of compatibility between broadcasting service in the frequency band 87.5-108 MHz and new aeronautical systems in the band 108-117.975 MHz0
WGB16-WP10.pdfWP10SecretaryANC-Conf/11-WP/205 (Report of Committee B to the Conference on agenda item 50
WGB16-WP11.docWP11SecretaryDraft proposal for a general methodology for compatibility analysis of aeronautical radio systems0
WGB16-WP12.docWP12JapanCo-site radio interference between DSB-AM and VDL Mode 30
WGB16-WP13.docWP13SecretaryIssues related to the on-board integration of VDL Mode 40
WGB16-WP14.docWP14SecretaryEditorial changes and clarifications on VDL 2 frequency planning Criteria0
WGB16-WP15.docWP15United StatesVDL Mode 3 on-board interference testing summary0
WGB16-WP15-Att 2.pptWP15United StatesVDL Mode 3 on-board interference testing summary0
WGB16-WP16.docWP16United StatesRadio frequency interference to air traffic control; reporting, location, mitigation and resolution0
WGB16-WP17.docWP17United StatesVDL Mode 3 to DSB-AM interference testing0
WGB16-WP18.docWP18United StatesMeeting the needs of future VDL requirements0
WGB16-WP19.zipWP19EurocontrolAssessment of VDL Mode 2 airborne co-site interference in the Link2000+ framework0
WGB16-WP20.docWP20F. LindblomFrequency planning criteria for VDL Mode 40
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WGB16-IP01.docIP1United StatesProposed revision of recommendation ITU-R M.13710