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WGBReport.docRPT1Report of the 15th Meeting of ACP Working Group B0
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WGB1504.docWP4EUROCONTROLDevelopment of frequency planning criteria for VDL Mode 40
WGB1505.docWP5SecretaryBoeing position on VDL Mode 40
WGB1506AppH.docWP6Appendix H to the report of the 7th meeting of ACP WG M0
WGB1506.docWP6Loftur JonassonReport of the 7th meeting of ACP WG M0
WGB1507.pdfWP7SecretaryFrequency assignment planning criteria for VDL Modes 2, 3 and 40
WGB1508.docWP8EUROCONTROLPotential changes to the ground-ground interference scenarios for VDL Mode 40
WGB1509.pdfWP9EUROCONTROLVDL Mode 4 airborne architecture study0